How to Create Corporate Gift Boxes That Help You Give Something Back

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Corporate gift boxes are a mainstay of improving employee retention. Gifting employees an unexpected present makes them feel recognised for their hard work and strengthens relationships. However, corporate gift boxes took on a new level of importance during the pandemic. 

With many people working from home, customised gift boxes were not only a way to reward work performance but also to keep employees connected and motivated — especially in the circumstances. In the age of the virtual work environment, a corporate gift box can bring a sense of reality and even solidify client relationships. 

In a recent study, 80% of respondents said that corporate gifting enhanced relationships with employees and/or clients and improved employee retention rates. So, if you’re an employer looking to give something back to your employees or perhaps sweeten the deal with your clients — corporate gifting is the way forward.

Here, you’ll find some tips on creating brilliant corporate gift boxes and what to consider when you’re putting them together. 

Corporate Gift Boxes: Consider the Cost

Before you start getting ahead of yourself with corporate hampers and personalised gifts — it’s vital to consider how much you’re willing to spend. Usually, a gift box contains a multitude of different items, so be realistic. Of course, if you have a big budget, you have more freedom to choose more luxury corporate gifts — but remember how many people you’re sending a gift box out to. 

Our advice is to curate a corporate gift box with mid-range items that are neither too expensive nor too cheap. Gift boxes full of cheap items might do more harm than good — as employees could feel offended by the lack of investment. 

Plan around your budget to give your recipients the best possible gifts. In addition, you’ll need to consider shipping costs, customisation and how many boxes are being sent out.

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Who Gets Customised Gift Boxes?

The size of your corporate gifting budget likely depends on the number of recipients. Are you creating welcome packs for new employees? Are you gifting high performers? Make sure to define who your gift box recipients are. It’s a smart idea to welcome new employees with a welcome gift, as first impressions have a big impact on job satisfaction and company integration. 

A limited budget may mean you’re unable to gift to everyone in your company, so making a list of recipients is very useful. Also, visually seeing a list will help you personalise your gifting or allow you to discover what your employees really like. 

Custom Gift Box Theme

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Without being too punny, think outside the box when it comes to choosing the kind of gifts you include in your corporate gift box. You don’t want to be too generic and selecting a theme can help inspire you to make considerate choices. 

For example, working mothers might like an aromatherapy-themed box full of well-being products like essential oils and scented candles. Booze lovers might prefer a whiskey-tasting kit and coffee enthusiasts might appreciate a custom thermos flask. 

But how do you know what your employees like? 

Send around a questionnaire allowing employees to fill in their likes and dislikes so you can add a level of personalisation to your corporate gift boxes. Often, consumable items are the way to go. Biscuits and chocolate are universal crowd-pleasers, but by using a questionnaire, you can make sure you’re not gifting allergy sufferers or celiacs with items they can’t eat. 

Choosing a theme can help you decide which products go well together as a set. It is also an easy way to make sure your gifting process is fair and that all your employees feel valued.

Choosing Corporate Gift Box Packaging

Don’t get too sidelined by the items you want to include inside your gift box. The packaging matters too. Investing in high-quality custom rigid boxes conveys a feeling of thoughtfulness — or, if you don’t have the budget, consider custom eCommerce boxes with a personalised sleeve. 

As more and more people become eco-conscious in their purchasing habits, show your employees you’re committed to sustainability. Packaging Supplies are the UK’s first plastic-free and carbon neutral packaging supplier. All our products are either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. 

Our postal boxes and mailers are made from at least 80% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable. Choose from cardboard wrap mailers with multi-depth functionality to fit a variety of items or self-seal postal boxes to eliminate the need for extra tape. With custom branding available, our in-house team of designers can help you finalise your killer gift box designs.  

Customised corporate gift boxes designed exclusively for your company will increase the perceived value of your brand. Well-designed, sustainable packaging can provide a memorable unboxing experience for your recipients as well as a guilt-free planet-positive feeling. 

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Add a Touch of Personality

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Everyone loves to feel a bit special. Adding personalised greeting cards and notes or even printing employee names on boxes can elevate the aesthetics and reception of your corporate gifts. 

But not everyone has the budget or time to personalise every single corporate gift box. A simple, cost-effective way to add your own touch is to buy a reel of custom ribbon with your brand name printed on it. This can add a bit of class to a simple brown postal box. You can also experiment with branded stickers or tissue paper as an efficient way to add a touch of personality without breaking the bank. 

Be Prepared and Plan Ahead

Depending on the level of customisation you want, it’s essential to plan your corporate gift boxes at least a month in advance. If you’re sourcing any products from China, for example, note that factories shut during the Chinese New Year. You might experience delays if you leave it too late, so factor potential manufacturing and shipping delays into your gifting schedule. 

Corporate gift boxes can help you prove to your employees and/or clients how much you value their work and relationship with you. The idea of putting together personalised gift boxes might seem a little daunting, but with the right approach and organisation, it can pay dividends for employee satisfaction and retention rates. 

You don’t have to buy everyone a Rolex watch, but equally, don’t be too frugal. Favour classic quality over quantity and ensure you’re authentic and consistent. Selecting sustainable, durable packaging can also show your dedication to the environment and grateful recipients will no doubt appreciate the gesture. 

For all kinds of workers and clients, a corporate gift box represents a tangible, genuine token of your gratitude and recognition of value. Give something back to your company and the planet. 


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