How to Develop Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the ultimate way to build a customer base of committed and passionate people. Having a community of loyal customers based on how much they love your product is just the beginning. From here, you should explore how to develop customer loyalty with packaging and branding. 

How to Develop Customer Loyalty through Branding

The key to strong branding is consistency. Customer loyalty builds when customers know what to expect from you, and that goes for the service you’re providing right through to your branding. If your branding is visually appealing, your customers will want to shout about it. 

A great way to develop customer loyalty is by encouraging customers to share their experience on social media, and strong branding is more likely to make them want to take photos and document receiving their purchase from delivery through to use. Perhaps your branding includes handwritten thank-you notes or other paper goods that make receiving the product more exciting and, ultimately, more photogenic. 

Custom branded packaging is a fun way to start the customer experience as soon as it arrives at their door. Strong branding will be instantly recognisable without even opening the box, and your loyal customers will spot it immediately. 

How to Develop Customer Loyalty through Packaging

Packaging is often overlooked as just a means to get a product delivered, but there are huge opportunities for you to develop customer loyalty by including the packaging in the entire customer experience. Customer loyalty is often rooted in the shared values your customer has with your brand ethos, and eco-packaging is a great example of that. The eco-conscious customer will prioritise shopping with eco brands, so make sure that if your product is eco friendly, you’re backing your commitment to the environment with eco-friendly packaging too. 

As part of KitKat’s commitment to issue exclusively recyclable packaging by 2025, KitKat Japan recently replaced their plastic packaging with paper packaging that you can turn into an origami crane! This attracts not only the customers loyal to eco-friendly packaging but also encourages them to keep buying for the added fun element of origami once they’ve eaten their KitKat. 

Who Gives A Crap, the environmentally friendly eco toilet roll company, recently launched a new Play Edition — packaged rolls printed with fun characters to encourage both adults and children in play. The outer carton can actually be turned into a stage and is fully recyclable. Whilst sticking to their sustainable packaging commitment, they’ve also created a great marketing campaign and given customers another reason to engage. Previous customers may have shopped with them based on their eco-friendly values, but they now have additional reasons to remain loyal to WGAC as a brand. 

A great product is the foundation of customer loyalty, but when you develop this loyalty through strong branding and creative packaging, you give customers more than one reason to return. 

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