Sustainable Alcohol Packaging for Local Henley Distillery


Sipping sustainably with eco-friendly bottle packaging. Cheers!

Award-winning gin mavericks, The Henley Distillery, were on the search for a local packaging supplier to revolutionise its alcohol packaging. Only 30 minutes away, we were top of the list to help The Henley Distillery create showstopping sustainable drinks packaging.

They needed a responsive and local packaging company offering a range of packaging types or materials. It was a job only Packaging Supplies could handle!

Henley Distillery: The Background

The Henley Distillery is a trailblazing newcomer to the gin scene, opening in 2021, and run and owned by Master Distiller Jacob Wilson and his family. Henley-born Jacob founded this tight-knit award-winning family business with his father, creating over 20 different classic and contemporary artisan spirits so far, with more flavours always in the works. 

The UK has recently seen a surge in the independent gin industry, with numerous craft distilleries producing unique and diverse gin offerings. These independent gin producers have gained popularity for their small-batch, handcrafted gins that often feature botanicals sourced locally and innovative flavour profiles that cater to changing consumer tastes.

The Henley Distillery is located just up the road from us. Being a family business, they wanted to keep it local for small, handcrafted batches of high-quality gin. All Henley Distillery’s packing is done by hand. They needed a drinks packaging supplier who was quick to respond and could offer a choice of rustic, eco-friendly bottle packaging. 

What Kind of Drinks Packaging Did They Need?

The Henley Distillery wanted stand-out retail and gift packaging for their gin bottles and smaller gin bottle sets. They also needed sturdy, sustainable shipping boxes to keep packaged bottles pristine through transit. 

Due to the high value nature of their offering, Henley Distillery premium FBB (Folding Box Board) custom packaging was the most appropriate choice. The volume of orders began at one thousand plus for this growing business.

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Alcohol Packaging Challenges 

One of the challenges of creating stunning alcohol packaging for Henley Distillery was combining design with functionality. Competition is fierce between all the distilleries, so stand-out alcohol packaging had to have an edge. The Henley Distillery is a self-funded start-up business, so its initial costs were invested in producing high-quality artisan spirits. 

A “Ginnaissance” has been taking the UK by storm, so distinct, unique packaging was integral to driving sales

After multiple awards and increasing notoriety, custom packaging became possible for The Henley Distillery, partnering with us. The packaging, like the folding box board, had to be functional in a retail environment and an aesthetic triumph. Double-wall shipping boxes were also essential to protect the precious cargo inside. 

We needed to give The Henley Distillery’s customer’s a memorable experience, from the packaging to the delicious gin inside.

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Eco-Friendly Bottle Packaging, Done Right

Henley distillery Packaging 1

The folding box board is low-density but incredibly rigid in structure, providing good protection and a suitable surface to print custom designs on. Perfect for presentation boxes we used white-backed folding box boards in a high micron as a highly-versatile packaging material for creating eye-grabbing designs. 

Altering the folding box board itself, we created specialist design features, like lock-in tabs and a stylised cut-out window. 

Henley distillery Packaging group

The Henley Distillery is based in an 18th Century threshing barn. The packaging design was tailored to Henley’s heritage, with its traditional shield logo a nod to gin’s invention in the 16th century. We used a spot UV coating, which uses a polymer resin and UV light to add a glossy, protective layer to the design. Spot UV creates a hard and shiny finish and luxurious feel — so the customer feels certain they’re purchasing a quality product. 

These cardboard shipping boxes are made from at least 80% recycled materials and 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, giving Henley’s customers a convenient way to dispose of their packaging responsibly. 

Switching to Sustainable Drinks Packaging

The Henley Distillery is situated on picturesque Hampstead Farm in the natural splendour of the Chiltern Hills. It only seemed fitting that this organically-brewed gin found in such beautiful surroundings had planet-positive packaging. 

We now produce the full range of packaging for The Henley Distillery, from limited edition seasonal boxes to retail packaging. Our local partnership with Henley has gone further, working with other distilleries offering a unique range of drink packaging. Many were recommended to us by The Henley Distillery. 

With over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, our team are talented at creating functional packaging with a vibrant aesthetic, bringing your concepts to life and minimising environmental impact. 

Get your alcohol packaging right for your business and the planet. Sip on some sustainability!

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