A Guide to Luxury Packaging for Premium Products

Herra Rigid Shoulder Box

Premium products deserve luxury packaging. Discover a better way to create beautiful bespoke solutions with Packaging Supplies.

Is packaging all that important? If you’re selling expensive products, luxury packaging is invaluable. It ensures your valued customers have an excellent experience worthy of sharing with their friends, family, colleagues, and usually, everyone they’re connected with on social media.

So how can you use luxury packaging to your advantage and make a real impact?

What Is Luxury Packaging?

Luxury packaging is made from premium-quality materials and finished to an exceptional standard using specialised printing techniques. It can take many forms, from rigid boxes to printed paper bags, and is typically employed by high-end brands to showcase their designer products. It serves multiple purposes — offering maximum protection to fragile items and increasing the perceived value of the brand’s products.

Why Use Luxury Packaging?

Numerous studies have proven that consumers spend more on products that have attractive packaging. 81% of consumers say that packaging design can influence their gift selection, and a further 63% agree that paper and cardboard packaging makes products seem more premium or high quality. If you’re trying to tap into a lucrative market, your packaging better be up to scratch.

How to Design Luxury Packaging for Premium Products

Of course, creating luxury packaging isn’t as simple as sticking your logo on a nice box and hoping for the best. It also doesn’t necessarily mean spending your entire marketing budget on creating luxury boxes for packaging.

Here are a few simple steps to follow to create sophisticated packaging that oozes quality and luxury appeal:

1. Use a Premium Colour Palette

Colour is a powerful tool in creating luxury packaging. It influences 85% of shoppers’ purchasing decisions and can significantly increase brand awareness. But colours should be used carefully; the wrong shade can immediately give the wrong impression, no matter how carefully crafted your boxes or bags are, while other colours will instantly elevate your product’s standing. 

Black and other dark shades are typically taken more seriously than bright colours. That being said, golds and silvers allude to luxury but should be used sparingly to avoid looking garish or unsophisticated. 


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2. Pick Premium, Eco-Friendly Materials

Premium materials don’t have to come with an environmental cost. We exclusively use high-grade, responsibly-sourced materials that are recycled, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, making your packaging go the distance. Show your customers how much care and attention went into your packaging by considering the environment as well as their desires. This will help you tap into the market of eco-conscious consumers who care about quality and sustainability.

We print all of our packaging using water or vegetable-based inks, avoiding the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making our packaging safe and accessible for everyone. That means that your customers won’t be parting with their hard-earned cash with a heavy heart or feeling guilty about gifting their purchase, giving everyone a better experience.

Soccer Star Rigid Box and Lid

3. Employ Luxury Finishing Techniques

Use subtle printing and finishing techniques to give your packaging a sophisticated aesthetic. These little touches will amplify your brand’s messaging and help you connect with customers with a sizable budget for gifts (or something special for themselves).

Embossing and debossing aspects of your packaging will make your packaging stand out — literally. The three-dimensional result can greatly enhance the look of your artwork, brand name or logo. It’s also highly tactile, making customers want to pick up and feel your packaging, engage with your product, and form a relationship with your brand. You can also use foil blocking, UV coating and spot varnish to create a luxurious finish that properly represents your brand. 

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a bow or similar finishing touches that can significantly enhance your customer’s unboxing experience.

One Aldwych Rigid tray and sleeve with ribbon

Want to see more? Check out our work and see how our experts create impeccably well-crafted luxury boxes for designer brands.

Buying Custom-Made Luxury Packaging Boxes

Luxury packaging benefits both in-store and online retailers. If you’re selling your products exclusively via the internet, taking great product photos with your luxury packaging will help boost sales. Brick-and-mortar retailers can benefit from showcasing products in their luxurious packaging in stores. In any case, luxury packaging can enhance brand awareness and boost sales of high-value items.

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