Beautiful Gift Box Packaging for Beauty Guru Rosalique


Rosalique is a face cream expert for skin sensitivity and erythema (red skin).  Their unique range of skin care products will conceal redness and soothe the skin with gentle ingredients that also contain UV protection, to prevent further long-term skin damage.

The Packaging Brief 

Rosalique first approached us for luxury gift box packaging for their 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula.  The gift box was designed to hold their face cream and a cruelty-free Miracle Brush.

We designed the internal fitting to securely hold the product samples they sent us, then we could determine the perfect size for the box and lid, which would elegantly showcase their items.  

Adorning the lid with a silver foil logo, brings the box to life and adds the touch of luxury and sophistication that Rosalique desired to match their high-end products.  Rosalique slipped an attractively printed sleeve over the box, which had ample space for important product information, ensuring consumers have all the details they need at their fingertips.


Sustainability, Style and Strength

It goes without saying that sustainable packaging is important to Rosalique, their rigid gift box and lid set are made from 70% recycled materials, and both their rigid box and printed sleeve can be 100% recycled after use – even the foil blocked lid (although we doubt anyone would want to dispose of such a lovely little box)!

Rigid gift boxes are the perfect choice of packaging to promote high-end brands, not only are they visually stunning, they are also built to protect your products.  Due to their thickness and structure they will not bend or collapse. They ‘feel’ expensive to the touch and will protect the products within them while looking effortlessly luxurious.