How to Test Your Packaging Samples

Packaging samples are a vital part of our design process.  Before proceeding with large-scale production, it is essential to test your packaging samples thoroughly. Testing allows you to identify any weaknesses or potential issues that could arise during shipping or storage. By carrying out packaging testing, you can ensure that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, minimising the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Functions of Packaging

Our packaging solutions are designed to serve the 5 main functions of packaging, so we’ve used those as a guide to testing your samples.

Containment – Do the contents fit and are they properly contained?

Protection – Are your products protected from damage?

Convenience – Is the packaging easy to pack, ship and store?

Communication – Does it promote the product and provide key information? 

Sustainability – What is the impact your packaging leaves on the environment?

Now, let’s dive in a little deeper . . . 


When it comes to packaging, containment is key.  You don’t want poorly fitted packaging putting your products at risk. 

At Packaging Supplies we adhere to standard manufacturing tolerances of +/- 2-3mm in size.  This will need to be taken into consideration when assessing the fit of your packaging sample.

Many packaging designs have easy to use closures and seals but do consider if the packaging is secure or if it needs additional tape to prevent the product(s) from spilling when handled.


A safe and secure journey is paramount for your products.  We recommend thinking about how the packaging will be used, then testing the sample in a similar environment:

eCommerce Packaging: We highly recommend packing your sample box with your product(s) and shipping it back to yourself! Examine the effects of the courier or postal network on both the box and contents on arrival.

Presentation/Gift Packaging for retail: Imagine what potential customers are going to do with your packaging in this environment.  Handle the packaging multiple times, examining the effect this has.  It’s important the packaging does not buckle, bend or spill open.  The contents should remain protected and undamaged.

Drop test: It’s a good idea to test this out. There will likely be some visible damage to the outer packaging, but ultimately the contents should remain protected from damage.

If your products need extra cushioning, our wide range of void fill options can provide added protection to your goods in the form of recycled and recyclable void fill, paper bubble alternatives or customised fittings.


All packaging should be convenient, efficient and easy to use for all parties along the supply chain:

Pack & Despatch: We recommend timing how long your packaging takes to assemble, including any fittings or inserts.  If applicable, consider if it’s suitable for packing and despatching on a large scale.

End User: We believe that a positive customer experience extends beyond the purchase. Thinking about how easy it will be for the end user to unbox and dispose of, is just one factor to consider here.

SRP/RRP/Counter Top Displays: Any packaging destined for retail, including the likes of Shelf Ready Packaging will need to be convenient and practical for restocking and multi-handling.


Packaging that reflects your brand identity and values is key.  As well as using fonts, colour and graphics to communicate, we can also use the packaging design itself.

Increasing product visibility with strategically placed cutouts or windows will allow customers to glimpse your product before they even open the package.  Carefully check the size, shape and position of these on your sample.

Environmental Impact

Finding the right balance between protecting your products and reducing excess packaging can be a challenge, but our team of experts can work with you to ensure that packaging waste is kept to a minimum.

All our packaging is plastic-free, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable after use.  We are proud to be a carbon neutral business.

Making Changes

We understand that every product is unique and requires specific packaging. Our team of professionals can help you alter the size and material of your packaging until you are satisfied.  We will adjust and re-sample at no extra cost, ensuring the perfect packaging before embarking on the manufacturing process.

If you have any questions about your sample, or would like us to quote, just get in touch.  Our knowledgeable team will be happy to offer help and advise.