A Dive into Gift Box Packaging with Tidal Rum

Tidal Rum Gift Box

Tidal Rum has trusted our packaging design experts time and time again over the years. From creating luxury designs for Golden Tide Rum to packaging for gift sets, we’ve been delighted to help capture the sense of adventure and discovery that they’re so well-known for and bring it to their packaging. 

Keep reading to learn about some of our favourite projects and how we helped them create plastic-free drink packaging that captures the spirit of the sea’s magic.

How It Began with Tidal Rum

Tidal Rum was founded in 2018 by Ben Clyde-Smith and Harry Coulthard. Tidal Rum’s mission is to redefine rum as a spirit, elevating it to an exquisite liquor made using foraged coastal botanicals from the sea and shore.

As children, Ben and Harry enjoyed exploring the beaches in Jersey and Scotland at low tide. Their design perfectly represents this brand story, with a nod to the natural coastal ingredients (sea spaghetti and rock samphire) infused inside. Even the name of their exclusive rum, “Golden Tide”, paired with their logo, cleverly encompasses the golden-aged process and the frequent times when the tide is low — as the sun disappears beneath the waves.

Sustainable Drink Packaging Experts

Sustainability is a core value of Tidal Rum as their ethos is centred on creating and maintaining a clean ocean environment in which pepper dulse (a key ingredient in their rum) can flourish. So, when it came to creating their new custom packaging, it’s only natural they wanted to partner with a 100% plastic-free packaging supplier that has the environment’s best interests in mind.

Learn all about how we achieved carbon-neutral status and how we’re making our operations leaner and greener than any other packaging supplier in the UK.

How We Helped Tidal Rum

Two of our favourite collaborations with Tidal Rum are for Golden Tide and their rum gift set packaging. Here’s how we worked with the sustainable rum brand to create eco-friendly drink packaging that told their story and stayed true to their core values:

Golden Tide Rum

Tidal Rum approached us looking for luxury packaging to house their golden-aged spiced rum, Golden Tide. To be produced en-masse for P&O cruises and their own site, they needed large volumes of strong alcohol packaging with a premium, high-end feel. 

Tidal Rum came up with their logo and design using our folding box board with a high-micron printing resolution. We realised their designs in packaging form, producing captivating packaging in a shade that encaptured the purest Caribbean waters, with delicate lines that represented the setting sun’s rays upon the water. This design perfectly characterised the flavours and story of Golden Tide rum.

Tital Rum gift box landscape

Golden Hour with Rum Gift Set Packaging

Alcohol miniatures make great presents. As with any gift, the packaging is part of the sentiment, which is why we loved helping to create the packaging for Tidal Rum gift sets. The bottles are an innovative dome shape and are corked instead of sealed with a plastic cap, adding a hint of quality where it matters and a call to those mysterious messages in bottles found adrift at sea.

The labelling is simple and colourful, letting the contents of each miniature bottle do most of the talking. For the box, a teal base with yellow-lined detailing looks like a topographic map of some far-off island where the sunsets last forever — sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Rum Bottle Packaging Golden Tide 2

Creating Drinks Packaging

At Packaging Supplies, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with Tidal Rum on several packaging projects over the years, each time adapting to their unique requirements and needs.

We have a highly flexible approach to working with different clients. We can follow specific design briefs and technical drawings, or we can take a loose idea or concept and guide the client through the design process, adding our expert advice where needed.

From helping choose sustainable materials to providing free samples and design advice, we’re here to make your ideas tangible. Or, if you already love your current design and don’t want to mix things up too much, we can provide advice on how you can improve it for maximum functionality and sustainability. 

Let us set sail on your eco-friendly packaging journey and create something as magical as Tidal Rum’s subtle imagery of secret islands and dreamy oceans.

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