The Cook & Thief – Delivering the Undeliverable!

The Cook & Thief embarked on a 2 year journey to convince top chefs from the best and most sought after restaurants in London, that their food – dishes that have never before been available for food delivery – could be delivered and without diminishing the quality of their dishes.

Packaging Supplies became part of this journey in 2018 when we got on board to help develop a hot food box that would work along-side their new on-bike stabilisation and heating system.


There were multiple factors to consider with this packaging brief, our experienced sales team were on hand with ideas and advice on the best ways to achieve the desired packaging:

  • The food needed to stay hot during transit, which involved the design of a fitting that would enclose a heated pad for the food container to sit above
  • To minimise any spillage or damage to the presentation of the dishes, it was important the food container could not move inside the delivery box
  • The packaging materials needed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while being strong and flexible enough for the job
  • During delivery, the boxes would need to be stacked and interlocked to avoid movement
  • Branding and enhanced consumer experience was crucial, so a good quality printing was essential

We worked together with our client through a period of consultation, design and an extensive sampling process to meet the packaging brief.  The Cook & Thief were then ready to launch their new food delivery venture.

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