How to Pack Large Items Like a Pro

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They say “good things come in small packages”, but large items are just as lovable. We’ve got the eco-friendly packaging you need for large, bulky or oversized deliveries.

Large products are notoriously difficult to package and ship. They can be the bane of your packaging operation, incurring expensive shipping fees, packaging costs and frustrating customer returns for broken or faulty items. So how do you pack large items for shipping?

As experts in all things packaging, we’ll walk you through the correct way to package sizable products, from luxury gift sets and fragile items to heavy goods made from dense, high-quality materials.

Do You Need Strong Packaging for Large Items?

When shipping oversized or heavy items, your packaging needs to stand up to punishment. The risk of damage is significantly higher during the delivery of bulky packages due to:

  • Mishandling or Being Dropped — Lighter items aren’t affected as badly by a lack of care during shipping or delivery, especially if you’re using effective postal packaging. But heavy goods are easily damaged if mishandled or dropped, making it all the more important to opt for sturdy packaging boxes.
  • Excess Movement — If your large items are loaded onto transportation vehicles incorrectly, they could be subject to vibrations or compression from other goods in the freight container. Unsecured packages are also likely to fall and become damaged if they aren’t protected with sufficient packaging.
  • Temperature and Humidity — As packages make their way from you to your customers, the surrounding environment changes numerous times. From being stored, packed, loaded, shipped and delivered, parcels experience a range of temperature and humidity changes, potentially changing the state of your items.

Sufficient packaging is required to mitigate the effects of these potentially damaging shipping conditions. So how do you pack these items like a pro?

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How to Pack Large Items Like a Pro

Customers are frustrated and disappointed by receiving chipped, smashed or otherwise damaged products due to inadequate packaging. Return rates are around 30% for online retailers, almost three times higher than retail. With this in mind, investing in effective packaging can save your business thousands of pounds in customer returns.

Here’s how to package large items correctly:

1. Use the Right Boxes

Cardboard is incredibly durable, but depending on the kind of product you’re shipping, you might need a more heavy duty solution. Standard cardboard boxes are ideal for small to medium-sized items, but our double-wall shipping boxes are best suited to packaging large, high-value merchandise.

They’re super-strong and make packing large, heavy items a breeze. They’re also stackable, with improved crush resistance, giving you peace of mind during handling and transportation. Plus, all of these boxes are made from 80-100% recycled contents, making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

2. Optimise Package Space

Buying the biggest box available to package large items isn’t always the best option. You’ll have to fork out on a large amount of void fill packaging to stop your package from moving around inside its box, which inevitably increases package size and weight, resulting in higher shipping costs. 

A custom packaging solution could help you get the best protection for your products while reducing expenditure in the long run. It’ll make packages less unwieldy, which will reduce the risk of damage when being handled, but also give your customers a great experience when they eventually unpackage their eagerly awaited products.

3. Box Clever with Your Packages

Does your package have varied contents? If you’re selling large gift boxes or parcels that contain several different items, make sure your heaviest items go at the bottom of the box. This reduces the likelihood of packages toppling over by creating a lower centre of gravity. Compartments will also help keep various items secure.

One Aldwych Rigid tray and sleeve with ribbon open


Above is a quick example of using compartments to package numerous items in one box. While the box is large, each item is protected and packed snugly into the various cardboard compartments.

4. Use Plenty of Internal Packaging

Void fill is handy for large yet delicate items that need protecting at all costs. Make sure you use high-quality eco-friendly void fill that doesn’t rely on trapped air to protect your goods. Bubble wrap may be fun for your customers, but goods can easily become damaged if it fails during the shipping process. Besides, it’s mostly made from oil-based plastics that harm the environment and it isn’t always recyclable.

5. Use Clear Messaging on Your Packages

If your packages are heavy, delicate or have any other characteristics that might make them difficult to ship, use clear messaging on the exterior packaging. Go the extra mile to tell delivery drivers and anyone else involved in the shipping process that your packages require extra care when handling. This will reduce the potential for damages and ensure your packages get to their destination in one piece. You can also go further with custom packaging that features your branding, artwork, logo or slogan to enhance brand awareness and recognition. 

6. Secure Your Shipments

While your boxes may be tough, they need to be held together well enough to prevent the contents from falling out. It might seem obvious, but make sure you use plenty of tapes to secure your large items. Paper tape makes an effective adhesive that can be recycled along with the packaging itself, once used. This makes your customers’ experience much more convenient and allows them to dispose of your packaging responsibly without any fuss.

Packaging Large Items for Shipping

By following our tips above, you’ll ensure your packages get to your customers in mint condition. As the UK’s first plastic-free packaging supplier, we’ll help you keep shipments secure and sustainable with our extensive range of eco-friendly packaging boxes, void fill, tape, and much more.

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