Unusual Packaging: How to Pack Weirdly Shaped Items

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When packaging weirdly shaped items, you’ll need to think outside the box — literally. 

Sturdy sustainable packaging is the way to go for eCommerce or shelf-ready retail items, but not everything is easily packed. While most things can be safely secured in a reliable double-wall shipping box with void fill, some products demand more specialised packaging. That’s where we can help. 

We’ll run you through the basics, like what you need to consider when selecting your packaging and provide you with some packaging inspiration to help you package weirdly shaped products. 

Ready? Let’s get started. 

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What to Consider before You Choose Your Unusual Packaging

We know you want to get straight into packaging weirdly shaped items, but first, you’ll need to think about what your packaging priorities are. For instance, if you’re shipping your products, you’ll probably need secondary packaging to ship your unusually packaged products in. That’s just to keep them extra safe. When selecting unusual packaging for oddly shaped products, there are several key considerations to remember, especially from a sustainable perspective.

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Product Protection

The primary purpose of your packaging is to protect your products while they’re in transit. It’s vital that your chosen packaging fits nicely around your product or provides adequate cushioning and structural support to safeguard the item from damage or breakage. 

Remember that weirdly shaped items are more vulnerable and fragile. Oddly shaped products require packaging that can accommodate their dimensions. Look at available packaging options for a suitable size and shape that minimises empty space while providing a snug fit. This helps reduce material waste and prevents excessive movement during shipping.

Unusual Packaging, Done Sustainably

Sustainability is a big deal to consumers — in fact, most people will pay more for eco-friendly products. Opting for sustainable packaging will help you navigate government regulations on plastic packaging, as well as being more cost-effective in some cases. 

Look for options such as recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable materials that have minimal environmental impact. Make sure you let your customers know about it by printing your eco-friendly credentials on your packaging, as we’ve done with our compostable mailing bags

Functionality & Accessibility

Evaluate the practicality of the chosen packaging in terms of handling and transportation. Ensure it is easy to load, unload and stack to streamline logistics operations. Packaging that simplifies handling reduces the risk of accidents and enhances the efficiency of the shipping process. Combine that with accessibility, and you’re on to a winner. Your unusual packaging must also be easy to open, so consumers or retail employees aren’t wrestling with wrap-rage.

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Branding and Presentation

While sustainability and functionality are vital, consider how the packaging reflects your brand identity and enhances the overall customer unboxing experience. Explore options for incorporating branding elements or innovative design features that make the unboxing experience memorable.

If you’re packaging weirdly shaped products, you’ll likely need a custom packaging solution, which we can tailor to the specific needs of your product, including branding considerations. It has the added bonus of reducing excess material usage, further contributing to your sustainability efforts.

Compliance and Cost

Make sure your chosen packaging complies with relevant shipping regulations and industry standards. Different products may have specific requirements, such as labelling, hazardous materials handling or customs regulations. Confirming your packaging choices meet these regulatory compliance guidelines to avoid any legal or logistical complications is essential. 

Of course, don’t forget about your budget. Balancing sustainability with affordability is crucial, so compare pricing, durability and overall value offered by different packaging options.

Unusual Packaging: Sustainable Options

In the quest for the perfect packaging solution for your weirdly shaped products, you should conduct practical tests with the selected packaging. Through this process, you can assess the packaging’s ability to protect your product, evaluate its ease of use and gauge overall customer satisfaction. To inspire you on your unusual packaging path, we’ve got a few products of our own that are ideal for weirdly shaped items:

Folding Box Board Cartons

Dr PAWPAW Triangle Folding Carton Packaging

Customisability is king. That’s why our versatile folding box cartons might be the perfect packaging for you. These packaging options are constructed using Folding Box Board (FBB), a rigid yet lightweight material that will protect your products while providing a surface that is easy to print on. With the ability to be configured into various shapes, folding carton packaging is ideal for weirdly shaped items as the packaging structure can be easily altered.  

The unique features of folding carton packaging encompass a wide range of options. From lock-in tabs and cut-outs to window patching and internal fittings, we can customise these packaging solutions to meet your design requirements. For those seeking custom-printed folding cartons, we offer an array of choices, including coloured, metalised, textured, and pearlised boards that provide a premium finish.

Book Wrap Mailers

Book Wrap Mailers (2)

Don’t be fooled by their name; these clever postal boxes are a godsend for weirdly shaped products. Why? These versatile mailers come with a multi-depth feature, allowing them to accommodate various products with varying measurements. Packing and unpacking become effortless with the peel-and-seal closure and tear-open strip, streamlining the process.

With sustainability in mind, our entire range of book wrap mailers (and twist wrap book boxes!) are made from 100% recycled paper. This means they are both environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Choosing our mailers ensures that your uniquely shaped items are protected while minimising your company’s ecological footprint.

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Compostable Mailing Bags

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Are you shipping lightweight, weirdly shaped items? Compostable mailing bags are a great choice. These bags are made from eco-friendly materials, so you can feel good about being environmentally conscious. Whatever the unique contours of your items, a mailing bag is loose enough to fit any shaped product in. 

But hey, here’s the deal: if you want to provide complete protection, consider adding some extra cushioning. Complementing the mailing bags with void-fill materials or a postal box to put your items in will give them an added layer of security during transit. With a combination like that, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable and unconventional items will arrive safely. 

Packaging Supplies for Unusual Products!

If you’re looking for custom, specialised packaging for your weirdly shaped products, get in touch with us today for a free quote. Our team of packaging experts have worked with a wide variety of clients with differing needs and will work closely with you to create the planet-positive packaging of your dreams. 

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