New Year, New Packaging Design Ideas

It’s been a challenging year for businesses, but companies across every sector are looking to the future for new and inspired ways to cut costs and generate sales.

Many businesses will want to forget about 2020 as quickly as possible, while others have enjoyed unprecedented success. The eCommerce industry has seen exponential growth where other sectors have come under intense pressure due to COVID-19.

We’re not out of the woods yet, but as the new year gets underway, it’s the perfect time for your business to up its game. Some fresh, new packaging design ideas might be the ideal place to start.

How Important Is Packaging for Your Products?

You might be asking yourself, “do people really pay attention to packaging?” The answer is a resounding “yes.” The vast majority of customers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. They also pay close attention to what material packaging is made of, as over two-thirds of consumers prefer paper or cardboard packaging over plastic. 

If you’re still using plastic to package your products, you could be missing out on a lucrative market of savvy, eco-conscious customers. Plus, you’re also missing out on the chance to help reduce plastic pollution, using your business to help protect the environment.

How Do You Create Unique Eco-Friendly Packaging?

So you want your products to stand out? It might seem like a costly endeavour to undergo a complete overhaul of your packaging, but it could actually save your business thousands of pounds in the long run. Designing and implementing custom packaging could give your brand an advantage in highly competitive markets, providing you with a unique opportunity to connect with your customers.

But how can you create packaging that pops? Here are some of our favourite packaging design ideas that could reignite your brand in 2021:

1. Create Unforgettable Unboxing Experiences

Why not wow your customers with an incredible unboxing experience they’ll want to tell the whole world about. Providing your customers with a memorable experience before they’ve even used your product is bound to make a lasting impression. Consider using self-sealing packaging that comes with easy-open tabs that’ll make packing and unpacking your products a piece of cake.

2. Shout about Your Sustainability

Are you using eco-friendly packaging? Tell everyone about it! Make sure your customers know that your packaging is having a positive impact on the environment. A slogan that boasts about your biodegradable boxes will help your consumer base understand that your company values the environment. It’ll also encourage people to reuse and recycle the packaging they’re now responsible for.

3. Transform Your Marketing Tactics

Leverage the opportunity to increase brand awareness by using custom packaging, and take your marketing to the next level. Creating bespoke packaging for your business is an easy, cost-effective way to promote your brand without splashing out on adverts. Let your packaging do the talking — after all, it’ll likely be the first thing your customers come into contact with that comes directly from your business.

4. Promote Your Social Media Presence

Do you need some more followers on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts? Add a hashtag to your packaging and encourage customers to mention your brand on social media. Simply adding your social media handles or a unique hashtag to your packaging will allow customers to connect with you online. Tie this in with an incredible unboxing experience, and you’ll be well on your way to generating some serious online attention.

5. Keep It Eco-Friendly

Of course, you’re going to want to do all this the eco-friendly way. Otherwise, you’ll no doubt face scrutiny from your consumer base. Plus, you also want to help save the planet, right? Stick to sustainable packaging design ideas — you’ll still be spoilt for choice without spoiling the environment. The good news is that eco-friendly packaging suppliers have developed ways to create custom packaging that protects the environment. By using vegetable-based inks and responsibly sourced, biodegradable materials, you can start protecting the environment one awesome package at a time.

Packaging Design Ideas That’ll Help Grow Your Business

Whether you need eco-friendly postal boxes for delicate deliveries or paper tape to secure your shipments, you can help protect the environment and grow your business with crisp, new packaging design ideas. If you want to generate more sales and expand your online presence, our mean, green custom packaging ticks all the boxes. Give your brand the boost it needs and make 2021 your year.

Interested in personalising your packaging? Request a quote today, and see how your business could benefit from some epic eco-friendly packaging design ideas.