Postal Packaging & Postal Boxes

Postal Packaging includes our range of Postal boxes and Mailing bags as well as a large range of our cardboard boxes. These boxes vary from standard packing boxes such as single wall & double wall boxes, which then lead into our range of die cut postal boxes. 

Postal boxes and book boxes are just a few examples of the die cut boxes that we can produce. These boxes are self-sealing; no tape is necessary due to the self locking design. Partnering this with our range of Postal tubes, padded mailers, jiffy bags and padded envelopers, we offer you a full range of postal & mailing packaging.

Packaging Supplies have grouped a range of popular products together to help you browse some of the packaging available for mail order traders and every day traders.

Single Wall and Double Wall Boxes:

Packaging Supplies have grouped a range of popular products together to help you browse some of the packaging available for mail order traders and every day traders.

Single and double wall boxes. Packaging Supplies have an extensive range of standard single and double wall postal boxes available to buy online with fast UK delivery. All of our stock postal boxes are supplied in a brown kraft and are of a suitable material for their size.

With over 40 sizes of brown cardboard box available we are bound to have the right sized box for you, however we are able to supply boxes of any size and grade, so please get in touch with your individual requirements if you are unable to find a suitable cardboard box in our packaging shop.

Postal & Mailing Boxes:

We also offer an alternative to the standard style of open top and bottom flap boxes above. These are our die cut postal postal and mailing box range. The postal boxes are available in standard sizes and have an integral fold over lid providing extra strength. The postal box is a presentable style of box giving a more up market look at feel to the standard cardboard box.

As well as the stock range available in our packaging shop we are able to produce custom made postal boxes tailored to the size of your products and/or printed with your company branding. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Book Boxes:

The design of our book boxes offer supreme protection to the packaged goods making them a perfect choice for sending out via Royal mail or a courier system. The book postal boxes are particularly suited to mailing books, CD’s, DVD’s and other similar items. The book boxes are multi-depth allowing for single or multiple books or other items to be packaged. The packing process is speeded up by the peel and seal closure meaning no need to additional taping.

As with many of our products, the book boxes can be custom made to size and printed.

Postal Tubes:

Postal tubes constructed from strong brown cardboard. Postal tubes are perfect for storing or shipping documents that should be rolled rather than folded.

The postal tubes available to buy in our online shop are supplied without endcaps, however postal tubes can be supplied with or without end caps in a number of roll widths and lengths, please get in touch with us for details. A staple product in our postal packaging range, if look something slightly different please enquiry about our triangular postal boxes

Padded Mailers:

We have a range of bubble lined and fibre cushioned mailers, the cost effect solution for any postal packaging requirements. Our Jiffy Padded mailers are a strong, durable padded mailer. The Jiffy padded bags will cushion and protect your products. They have a puncture resistant outer with excellent burst strength. Our range of bubble lined mailers known as Featherpost mailers will also cushion and protect your products in transit. The Featherpost bags have a water resistant outer lining and are available in different strengths.

Both of our Jiffy Padded Bags and Featherpost Bags are available in a large range of sizes, showing our large range in postal packaging.

Mailing Bags:

Our mailing bags are strong, waterproof mailing bags suitable for posting out all manner of products. Due to the opacity of the mailing bags, the contents of the bags are not visible. The contents of the bags are further more protected by the strong adhesive peel and seal strip.

We have a good range of mailing bags in our packaging shop for all budgets. If you require custom printed mailing bags, please get in touch with us.

Custom Postal Boxes and Postal Packaging:

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly team or right an enquiry; we will have a custom solution for you. If it is a custom fit postal box, or just simply a postal box with a logo.

Also offering printing on are Postal packaging range such as postal tubes, mailing bag, and MailLite mailers