Packing Tape

You can buy a variety of tapes from Packaging Supplies through our

online shop, here is a little about our most popular packing / warehouse tapes.

Both vinyl and polypropylene tapes are ideal

for sealing boxes and packages for storage or transportation.

Vinyl (PVC) tapeis superior in tack and

strength to polypropylene tape.A The vinyl tape also has the benefit of

releasing quietly from the roll.A Even though vinyl tape is strong it has

the ability to be ripped easily by hand from the roll to the desired

length.A This makes it suitable for using with or without a hand held tape

dispenser.A Vinyl tape has a long lasting adhesion and can be used on all

types of paper or cardboard surfaces.

Acrylic (Polypropylene)

Tapeis a great budget

alternative to vinyl.A It is also a strong and efficient packing tape,

although noisier when releasing from the roll.A Polypropylene tape is also

better used with a hand held tape dispenser which will cut the tape more

efficiently than by hand.

Packaging Supplies also stock a low noise polypropylene

tape.A This tape releases with low noise properties similar to vinyl tape

but is lower in cost.A It effectively seals most items securely for


If you are looking for a specific brand of tape, do get in touch with us for a quotation.