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Batch Coding and Traceability

As part of an ongoing contract Packme have been evolving a full traceability programme to meet with new legislation with the beauty and cosmetic industries. Our clients requirements are for us to be able to demonstrate, in basic terms, traceability for every product they provide to us for picking,packing or re-work. This data is recorded using uniquely created batch coding software. Every product is coded at the point of assembly and reported to the client to enable them to track products individually should the need arise. 
The contract packing (re-work) of goods can consist of anything from attaching a new label to a product and returning it to its original outer case to something much more complex as a multi-product gift set.
To efficiently carry out this task, we have updated our barcode printing and verification equipment and this can produce barcodes, batch codes and production date information. Which is then used as part of the batch code and outer labelling formula, providing our customers with the data on the contents of each and every outer box. Products can then be fully tracked back to source and their entire life cycle is clearly visible, no matter how many products are involved in any one operation.

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Batch Coding and Traceability