3PL (Third Party Logistics) with Packaging Supplies!


Outsource to the experts

A third party logistics (3PL) is a provider of an outsourcing service. This service can be extremely broad and applied to any service that involves packing, storing and shipping. This service can be a single service like transportation or it can be a bundle of services. This definition sums up the wide range of services that Packaging Supplies can offer.

As a third party logistics provider Packaging Supplies have a very flexible approach. Each fulfilment task is different and by using our years of experience there is always a solution we can offer our customers.

These tasks can fall into many different categories:

Collation and Mailing:

Arranging individual sheets or other printed components into a pre-determined sequence, creating consistent and logical order sets from multiple parts. Personalisation of letters, envelopes or labels to support direct mailing campaigns.

Gluing and Labelling: 

Double sided taping, hot melt gluing, glue dotting, sticky foam pads and PVA gluing. Labelling from simple identity to barcode labelling and precision application.

Hand Finishing & Assembly:

Sometimes the only way to accomplish an assembly is by hand, creating specialized or unique finishes that the product or packaging demands to achieve the highest of standards. Our dedicated team is vastly experienced in all aspects of finishing projects with speed and accuracy.

Pick, Pack & Despatch:

Pick, pack and despatch, from your customer placing orders to goods being delivered, we provide a complete end to end service. We have years of experience, storing, handling, packing and dispatching multiple products daily. This feature is perfect for web based order fulfilment.

Shrink Wrapping:

Our chamber shrink wrap machines are capable of sealing items up to 55cm long x 42cm deep x 25cm high and are ideal for tall, irregular or multi packs.  We have the option to single or multiple shrink and seal or seal only. This shrink wrapper is built for use with polyethylene films but works equally well with PVC films.

Stock Management & Storage: 

With capacity to hold 700 pallets in our Thatcham warehouse we can handle and store your products during the period of assembly or stock hold for customers who use our pick and pack services. We also offer various levels of management tailored to individual needs and requirements.

Online Packaging Products for Sale

We have a wide range of products available to buy online at very competitive prices and rapid delivery.