Why Outsource Fulfilment?

Value Added Services

Find out the Benefits You Gain from Using an Established Specialist

As an established fulfilment house, we can offer you a complete range of services. We aim to work closely with your staff and therefore act as an extension of your company.

Greater flexibility

Having a large storage or packing facility can be something of a premium, especially the closer you get to London. Many organisations do not have the resources available, and so — to relieve the pressure and burden on current facilities — they look externally towards companies that do.

Experienced at Meeting Customer Demand

Regardless of your challenges with packaging, a professional outsourcing operation will be able to meet specific customer needs. Requirements such as green packaging, lowering carbon footprint, cutting cost on materials and transportation, are all covered within our services.

Two Heads Better Than One on Knowledge Gained

Having the ability to select the right packaging processes and the materials to match, is the fine line between a “to budget” operation or overspending.

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the last thirty-seven years mean we can provide modern packaging processes, leading towards high efficiency — therefore reducing operational costs.

This, in turn, has led to our clients seeing the importance of outsourcing contract packing. They are tapping into our knowledge, learning modern packaging processes and reaping the rewards of high efficiency and reduced costs.

Limiting Costs

The facilities offered by our contract packers — designed to optimise a varied and large range of strategies and techniques for the best possible service — will place you at a cost advantage.

Value Adding Service

By offering a package of services such as labelling, fulfilment, bar coding, batch coding, outsource fulfilment and many other options, we can give a value-added service.

Benefiting from these specific and advantageous techniques will raise the profile of your brand and product.

The companies that are the most successful in retaining customers through brand loyalty don’t just offer what the customer wants — they go beyond customer expectations.

Contract packing is the perfect platform to outsource all your packaging requirements. Let us use our hard-earned knowledge to help you. We can make sure your products are packaged and branded appropriately to entice potential and existing customers.


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Expert packaging suppliers for over 40 years, with an emphasis on plastic-free packaging

In the late 1970s, two friends and colleagues, Tim Allen and Stewart Middleton saw a gap in the market for a different type of packaging supplier. At the time, other businesses were selling custom made boxes and stocking packaging consumables, but Tim and Stewart wanted to offer more than that. They wanted to give their clients additional services, such as warehouse storage and the ability to have their packaging delivered as and when it was required. Packaging Supplies was established, and the rest is history.

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