With the right protection there is no need to ban tackling in school boy rugby

This topic was very prevalent in the news

yesterday, over 70 academics and doctors asking the RFU to reconsider tackling

in School rugby.

In the open letter to minsters it read,’

injuries from the high-impact collision sport’, can have lifelong consequences

for children

I personally and Packaging supplies as an

office, feel this would be sacrilege; to ban tackling it would dent the

character building quality you gain from playing rugby.


Please follow our tick list, below to keep

your children safe



Bubble Wrap: A key element of

the protection process, bubble wrap when placed correctly around the top of the

head and sealed with some fragile tape.(see point 3) Can act as the perfect

head guard. Be sure to make some ear holes, so your child can communicate easily on the pitch. Need to hear on the pitch






Foam Corner Guards: Ideal for

protecting the edge of furniture, mirrors or other fragile items. However in

this case an ideal replacement for shoulder pads and elbow protection. We

really feel we are onto something here with this light weight and ideally

shaped product.




Fragile Tape: Printed tape is

commonly used to seal parcels or boxes that are in need of a little tender

handling, love and care. On the pitch be sure to use this to hold your socks up

and for various places where it is necessary to raise attention to a fragile




If you want your team colours and logos to

be displayed, please go down our bespoke packaging route, we would be more than

happy to help.


Please note this is only meant as a little

bit of fun to a very controversial subject.