The Perfect Package: Feet on the ground and the World Wide Web

We understand how important our customers are to us, but most importantly how those customers vary massively from company to company or person-to-person. This provides us with a challenge of creating a service that is flexible and accessible for all clients’ requirements.


External sales force (our feet on the ground)


There is nothing new here within the packaging industries, to have an external sales team used to be common practice.

These days, with a lot of the online packaging companies, they rely solely on their online shops, and their internet traffic for their sales. We at Packaging Supplies encourage and train our external and internal sales team to forge long-term relationships with our customers. Striving to asses and advise on specific customer requirements.  Driving a successful and long-term partnership which when developed correctly would be very hard to break.


Shaking It up


Packaging sales representatives can be very hard to come by which is why we take a different approach with training and finding our sales team. We prefer to find employees with little or no packaging experience. We see it as a clean slate to train and educate in our way of doing things. We have two simple objectives,


1)  You share our views of the level of customer service and professionalism that is required

2)  Your have a hunger to learn and be a key player in your field


This investment in youth, partnered with the wise owls we have with bags of experience, is at the fore-front of what we are striving to achieve as a company.


Online Service (Our feet on the web)


We are more than aware we are part of a new digital world and times are changing. The way we offer our services must develop along with these changes. In some cases the way customers shop can be at the click of a button.

Some of our customers like it to be simple and order online which is why we have integrated our online shop for all our stock packaging and utilities.


This service is backed up with our reliable distribution network via our own fleet of vehicles or our courier service. This can all be provided on a next day delivery basis. All orders over £50 are inclusive of delivery charge!



The Future


We don’t plan to stop here, improving our level of service is always under development. The next stage is for customers to be able to view their order history and make it easy for them to place

repeat orders, having access to all there information through a secure log on facility.


How involved we are? This is for you to decide.  Our web site is there for your one click orders, or our sales team can be there to assist you every step of the way.

To find our more please don’t hesitate to contact us