Driving customer engagement through packaging

Drive engagement with quality packaging

Packaging is often an afterthought; it is

viewed as something that is only necessary to deliver an item. It really makes

a difference when the packaging is a pleasure to open. It can really create a

lasting impression.

It is this impression that drives the

feeling you have towards the item within the package. This is why we are seeing

companies that are requiring us to create a packaging experience on their



adding unpacking experience

The rise of e-commerce has created a new

marketing channel that is under-utilized by most companies. Don’t fall into

this bracket.

When a product is brought online there are

very few touching points that you have with the customer to make a lasting

impression. The touching points are much easier to perform face to face which

can make the difference to you standing out from your competitors.

Many companies cut corners and cost on

packaging, what is an important point is that if you are an e-commerce company the

packaging is the next most important item behind the product. This is the

chance to really make an impression and enforce your brand.


business survey

A recent study by Dotcom distribution has

shown that a customer is more likely to make repeat purchases from a provider

they deem to have premium packaging.

This same study also revealed that one in

ten young adults would share a photo of an online order if the packaging stood

out to them.

It is this exposure that brands can gain

that is so valuable.

All companies strive to create engagement

and discussion with their customers.


to make your company Unique


Print on the inside on the box,

shows a much greater attention to detail.


Stickers and Labels: Print is

not always necessary, stickers or labels can be a cost effective solution.


Tape: Printed tape can be used;

this will reinforce your brand and at the same time provide tamper protection.


Promotional Products: Companies

are putting vouchers or sweets with the purchased item.


Re-sealable Packaging:

Packaging that makes it easy for the customer to return an item if it is the

wrong size or is not what was required. This can be a viewed as a very positive

and easy option for the customer.

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