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Flexographic printing:

Flexo (Flexography) the content for the

print is placed on a plate made out of rubber, in the packaging industry this

is referred to as a print stereo.  The

stereo is ink and subsequently transferred to the printing surface. This

process can be used to print on paper as well as plastic, metals, cellophane

and other materials.

This versatile and adaptable printing

technology is ideal for large-scale reproduction of images or text onto

corrugated boxes. Flexo is an ideal cost effective alternative to more

expensive lithographic and gravure printing.


What our expertise includes:


Producing in food grade

environments (BRC IOP)


Help with artwork, origination

and high quality print knowledge to help make sure the correct print option is

selected for your specific requests


HD Flexo


8 Colours on a UV Printing

offset press

Lithographic printin:

Litho printing (lithography) is a match

made in heaven for high quality volume printing. The image is made of a polymer

coating and applied to an aluminum plate. This style of print is beneficial

when fine detail is required, hence popular with product with fine details. Or

those products that are to gain more attention on the shelves, also providing

point of sale displays

What our expertise includes:


35 years of experience,

selecting the right material if it be corrugated or carton board


Point of sale displays, printed

sleeves and all other folding box boards


Assistance in artwork design

and packaging layout


Our team is your team


Mock up samples where required

Digital Printing:

In the past this has been the most

expensive form of printing. However with technology and machines advancing it

is giving screen-printing a run for its money. Due to no stereo costs it is becoming

increasingly popular for short run or one of products.

Due to no start up cost and being very quick

and effect printing process, the real advantages can be seen in the speeds of

which goods can be put to the market. Which is why marketing companies are

reaping the rewards of this style of printing.

You only have to look at the success of

Coca Cola, Marmite & Nuttella; personalized labeling campaigns. Custom

packaging, like this has been made possible by digital printing. A campaign like

this is possible now for small company’s, not just multinational cooperation’s


What our expertise includes:


Printing using four colour

process colours (CMYK)


Mock up work for point of sale

displays (POS)


Maybe you want to choose

another print option above, digital print can help you have a fully printed mock

up to show investors or partners.


Get it right the first time

with digital print.


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