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395x455mm Compostable Mailing Bag

Compostable mailing bags with peel and seal strip for easy and secure closure.  These bags are printed with the compostable logo and a message, which shouts loud and clear about how eco-friendly these bags are.

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Home Compostable
Plastic Free
Sustainably Sourced
Verified Carbon Neutral

Technical Specifications

Product CodeCMB3
Box Quantity400
Internal Dimensions395X455mm +50mm flap
Material60micron Cornstarch + PBAT + PLAT
ColourBlack with Green Print
End of LifeBiodegradable, Compostable

Additional Information

What's so great about these Mailing Bags?

Compostable: Our black mailing bags are made from Cornstarch, with PBAT & PLA, which are 100% compostable and biodegradable materials. They can be composted in both a home environment or a commercial facility (except for the peel and seal strip, which will need to be removed).  In an ideal composting environment they can be 100% biodegraded into organic fertilizer within 90 days.  In an ordinary environment, buried in soil or a microbial environment, the process will take up to 6 months.

Peel and Seal Closure: The standard peel and seal closure applied to these bags, makes them quick and easy to secure closed.

Print: These bags are printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. The printed message shouts loud and clear about their environmental credentials so all your customers know that you are choosing to use eco-conscious products instead of plastic.

Storage: These compostable mailing bags can be stored for approximately 1 year in cartons in a cool, dry warehouse.  The recommended storage temperature range is 10-40°C.  It is advisable to avoid storing these bags in high temperatures, sunlight or a humid environment.

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