80% Recycled Contents
Plastic Free
Sustainably Sourced
Verified Carbon Neutral

305x229x114mm White Single Wall Box

Single wall boxes are the most used of all e-Commerce boxes. They are an economical and eco-friendly choice of packing and shipping box. Simple in design, these boxes are easy to store, quick to erect, effortless to pack and straightforward to seal closed.

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80% Recycled Contents
Plastic Free
Sustainably Sourced
Verified Carbon Neutral

Technical Specifications

Product CodeSW13
Internal Dimensions305x229x114mm (L x W x H)
External Dimensions308x232x120mm (L x W x H)
Material125WK/T B
Royal Mail PiPSmall Parcel
End of LifeBiodegradable, Home Compostable, Recyclable
Recycled Content80%
Sealing MethodTape

Additional Information

Single wall boxes are still the single most used box in e-Commerce to date. Made in a standard 0201 FEFCO style, our single wall boxes are comprised of an inner and outer liner around a single layer of fluting. All 0201 cardboard stock boxes will be supplied flat for ease of storage and can be assembled quickly and easily, secured by taping the top and bottom flaps.

Why are Single Wall Boxes still the most popular choice?

There are many benefits to using a single wall shipping box, which we explore in more detail below:

Price: Being an extensively used and popular choice of shipping box, single wall boxes are mass produced and manufactured in the most economical way, when you combine this with the minimal material needed compared to some other grades and styles of box, you end up with an extremely cost-effective shipping box.

Of course, some products will still need to be shipped with void fill to ensure the box does not crush during transit and some more irregular shaped or fragile items may be better suited to one of our more robust double wall boxes.

Top Tip: If you're shipping a product that is already packaged in its own retail box, partnering one of our single wall boxes with a little extra protection from one of our eco-friendly void fillers, such as our EcoNuts will be a perfect combination.

Multi-Purpose / Multi Depth: Some of our single wall boxes have multi-depth scores for varying the overall box size. Having a specific box that is designed to fold down to multiple depths offers an extremely flexible option, while streamlining your packing operation. Rather than purchasing different sized boxes in small quantities, you can purchase a larger number of the same box for a lower unit cost.

These boxes can be folded down to multiple depths making the same box suitable for a good selection of products. Multi-depth boxes can be used for packing, storage, shipping and even moving to a new house. The boxes are designed to hold their shape even when they are fully loaded.

We all want to avoid the bad press associated with Amazon's use of inappropriate and excessive packaging, and our multi-depth boxes allow you to achieve this.

Simplicity: If asked to draw a cardboard box, most of us would envisage a simple cubed box with flaps at the top and bottom that fold together to close – which is exactly what these boxes are.

They are simple to make up, simple to pack and simple to seal closed with tape. In no time your parcel is ready to be shipped.

Parcel Sizes: When it comes to sending your goods out through the post or courier network, the external parcel size and weight are important to be aware of to ensure delivery costs are kept to a minimum. To help with this, we give the external measurements of all our single wall boxes along with the Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion guide, this will enable you to see at a glance which price category your outer packaging will fall within.

Custom Printed Single Wall Boxes

Standard single wall boxes like these are very easy to customise. For low quantities you might want to consider a printed tape; this could add a splash of colour to your box and promote your brand. For quantities of 500 and over, you can get your single wall boxes custom printed. Just get in touch with the Packaging Supplies team for an instant quotation.

Top Tip: Not all custom boxes have to be printed, we can also make them to a particular size or even with reinforced single wall fluting, for example, we make many reinforced single wall boxes which are suitable for the freezer.

By carefully selecting the right grade for your product and the journey it goes on, we ensure the right box at the best possible price.

Do you need larger volumes or regular deliveries?

If you're looking to order larger volumes than offered in our shop or wish to order by the pallet on a regular basis, please do get in touch to speak with one of our representatives today. We can offer all types of support from 30-day accounts to stock and call off for bespoke and printed boxes, all delivered on a next day basis.

Environmental Promise

Here at packaging supplies, we are big believer in the circular economy. Paper packaging is the closest packaging material to hitting this goal, with a an impressive 85.5% recycle rate in the EU. This is reason that we have changed our product offering to be completely plastic free and focus our attention on paper products which can be 100% recycled.


All of Packaging Supplies boxes - both single and double wall - are made from recycled material. Our paper packaging products are made up of 80% recycled paper and 20% wood from sustainable forest, however we can also provide cardboard boxes from 100% recycled content. Packaging Supplies are committed to environmental legislation.
Did you know that the corrugated industry is allowing larger companies to lower their carbon footprints regularly? On top of this through selecting experienced packaging suppliers with our expertise and experience within a large range of industries, you will benefit from packaging that will help maximise storage and reduce transport costs. As consumers push for sustainable business practices to be the forefront of business, the service and knowledge Packaging Supplies offered is welcomed with open arms.
The corrugated industry is helping retail companies to lower their carbon footprint. It is doing this by providing well-designed packaging that maximises storage and reduces transport costs. The industry has also seen a steady reduction in board weight while keeping board strength, which in turn is reducing packaging waste. At Packaging Supplies, we have experience in many industry sectors and can assist in providing the most sustainable packaging solutions.

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If you are looking for something a little different, a unique size or printed packaging, we can produce a custom solution for you.

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