Packaging Waste Regulations do they affect your business?

Did you know that there is a legal obligation on UK businesses, which make or use packaging to ensure that a percentage of their packaging is recycled? More than 10 million tonnes of packaging waster is generated in the UK each year, 6 million tonnes of which can be recycled.

‘Producer Responsibility Law’ is in place to make sure that businesses who manufacture, import or sell products are responsible for them one they become waste. This law encourages minimisation and recycling of waste.

If your company has an annual turnover of more than £2 million and handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging a year you must meet the producer obligations under the packaging regulations. Your business also has an obligation to recycle if you own the packaging and supply it to others, or if you import packaging.

If you are a manufacturer or seller who uses packaging in volume, it is worth getting to know the legal position on recycling, since you could receive a fine or prosecution for non-compliance.

If you need any help on packaging waste regulations, contact Packaging Supplies, or alternatively you can find out more about your legal responsibilities on the Environment Agency website.