New void fill products

Packaging Supplies are pleased to be able to offer some new and unique void fill products in our online shop.

Tardis Void Fill Paper rolls are a strong and cost effective void fill paper system. The Tardis paper offers a superior level of protection to your products and offers 50% more void fill than flat or smooth paper.  We have a specially designed low cost ring dispenser which allows the paper to be drawn through the ring which is then crumpled into the box.

PaperNuts are a new kind of quality void fill paper that minimises damage from shock, vibration and the migration of goods within the box.  They have a unique interlocking design allowing them to interlock with each other to provide better shock absorption, effective cushioning and protection of the contents of your container.

Both the PaperNuts and the Tardis Void Fill are recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable, biodegradable and sustainable from renewable resources.