It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Yes, you heard right, it’s officially Bubble Wrap appreciation day,

which is observed on the last Monday in January every year.

Did you know bubble wrap was not intentionally

created for bubble popping pleasure?

That’s right, the truth is Bubble Wrap was originally created from two

shower curtains being sealed together, the inventors then tried to market this

as wallpaper! Next, they tried to market it as greenhouse insulation (some

people even still use it in this way today). A year later the inventors

discovered its true calling and it’s now used worldwide to cushion and protect fragile

items in shipping or storage (as well as bubble popping pleasure of course).

Each year there is even a Bubble Wrap brand AÎÌøYoung Inventor’ award that

encourages finding new ways to use Bubble Wrap outside of packaging.A These young inventors work hard every year to

try to create the newest Bubble Wrap craze.

How can you celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation


You could spend the day finding as many different ways as possibleto pop bubble wrap

(there are a quite a few), or you can get online and order a big role of it for

all your shipping and storage needs, we have bubble rolls in lots of different roll widths, plus a huge range of bubble bags.A You can order them all here in our online packaging shop.


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