Correx fluted layer pads

Introducing a new range of protective layer pads/ sheets to our online shop, available for next day delivery!

CorrexÌ´A¬ brand is widely recognised as the leading brand within the corrugated plastic sheet market. It is an extruded, twin wall, fluted polypropylene material used across a wide range of industries and applications.

correx protection board

The CorrexÌ´A¬board is used where durability and resistance to water or chemicals is necessary. They key benefits of CorrexÌ´A¬:

  • It has excellent strength, durability and longevity in comparison to similar materials
  • It is easily cleaned allowing for multipurpose uses, making it perfect for medical / clean rooms
  • It is resistant to moisture, grease, oil and most chemicals

CorrexÌ´A¬ is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries:

  • It can be easily fabricated to create durable, hard-wearing packaging and handling products
  • It can be used as floor protection, shuttering, hoarding etc. within the construction industry
  • It is commonly used for temporary signage in real estate sales and is used widely for promotions

Not only can you purchase our standard white CorrexÌ´A¬sheets online in a range of sizes, by getting in touch with us we can alsoquote for:

  • Various sheet sizes and thicknesses
  • A range of colours to match your brand or specific application
  • Fabric covered, fire retardent material

correx sheets