Choosing the right Strapping, Part 1

In the first of our two blogs about strapping, we will take a look at Polypropylene strapping and strapping accessories, next week we will talk about Steel strapping options.

Firstly, strapping is used to bundle or secure loads that are for storage or transportation.  It can be used around newspapers and magazines to hold a bundle together or for strapping a number of boxes securely to a pallet.  Once the items have been bundled or secured they can be moved around easily and safely within the warehouse or packing environment and can be loaded for transit more effectively.

Polypropylene Hand Strapping

Polypropylene Hand Strapping is best used for securing light loads of up to 300kg.  It is suitable for securing items such as magazines & newspapers cardboard boxes or other small units.

When using hand strapping you may want to use a strapping dispenser trolley.  The strapping dispenser trolley will carry the coil of strapping.  It has wheels making it fully mobile and easy to move around.  It also has a bucket attached to it which holds accessories such as seals, buckles and tools.

When using hand strapping, you will need additional tools to tension, seal and cut your strapping. There is the option of using a combination tool which is one tool that will do all three jobs for you, or you may prefer a separate tool for just tensioning and cutting your strapping, such as a hand strapping tensioner and a separate hand held crimper for closing and sealing the seals around your strapping.

The seals, buckles and edge protectors can all be purchased separately; we have a range or standard, heavy duty or serrated seals for use with polypropylene strapping.  The serrated seals will provide added grip, helping to achieve a better breaking strain.  Using buckles will help you to secure and tension the strapping and using edge protectors will help to stop the strapping cutting into your load protecting it from any unnecessary damage.

The other option you have is using a polypropylene semi-automatic machine strapping.  The more strapping you do, the better this option will be for you.  Machine strapping is to be used with either a semi-automatic or automatic strapping machine.

The strapping machines will allow the operator to tension the strapping and then heat seal it to itself.  When using a strapping machine, there is no need for additional tools, buckles or seals.  The automatic strapping machine is needed when there is a high daily demand for strapping or bundling.

If you would like further information on polypropylene strapping, please contact Packaging Supplies here.  There is a range of strapping that can be purchased through our online shop, but other options are available.