Choosing the right packaging for Mail Order, Part 1

We are going to look at the items we have available in our online shop for sending goods out via the postal system or by courier despatch.  Many of these items being popular with mail order companies and ebay traders.  We will kick off with book wraps and postal tubes, but come back next week when we compare our range of protective mailing bags.

Book wraps

We talked about Book Wraps back in February in our guide to buying boxes at Packaging Supplies.  But as book wraps are so versatile, we have included them here too as they are the perfect way to package and protect items such as books, CD’s and DVD’s for mailing out.

The book wraps have an adjustable height enabling either single or multiple items to be packaged and there is no need for any additional taping because they have a handy peel and seal strip included in the design.

Postal Tubes

Postal tubes are a strong brown cardboard tube which can be supplied with protective polyethelyne end caps. Postal tubes are the perfect way for sending out paperwork such as plans, prints or posters without the need for folding or creasing your items.

When using a postal tube there is no need for additional wrapping or packaging, just simply attach a documents enclosed wallet to the outside of your postal tube with the consignee name and address.

In our online shop we stock one standard size of postal tube, however postal tubes can be manufactured to order in almost any length and diameter within 7 days.

If you would like further information on postal tubes manufactured to order, please contact Packaging Supplies.