Buying Boxes From Packaging Supplies, Part 2

At Packaging Supplies we have a huge range of different styles of box which you can buy online.  Here are a couple of them explained in more detail:

BDCM Boxes:

BDCM stands for Bulk Distribution Carton Metric.  These boxes are sturdy and reliable and are the industry standard boxes for the retail and clothing trades.

They are designed to fit neatly onto a standard 1200×100 pallet making storage and transportation more efficient and the come printed with space for information such as supplier name, catalogue number and colour.

Packaging Supplies stock BDCM1, BDCM2, BDCM3 and BDCM4 boxes.  You can see the internal dimensions for each of these boxes in our online shop.

Heavy Duty Export Boxes:

Our heavy duty export boxes come in 3 standard transit sizes, commonly referred to as 1/2 Europa, 1/2 Container and 1/1 Container. The export boxes are made in a strong double wall and are sturdy enough for stacking.  As you would expect from the name, these heavy duty cardboard boxes are designed to be strong enough to store and transport heavy goods.

The export boxes that we stock at Packaging Supplies can be purchased through our online shop plain brown corrugated.  However we are able to manufacture printed boxes in these sizes, for more information on printed boxes, please contact us.

Also available to buy from Packaging Supplies are Singe Wall Boxes, Double Wall Boxes, Bespoke Custom made Boxes, Printed Boxes, Book Wraps, Pallet Containers,Cardboard Trays, Printer Boxes, Archive Boxes and Flight Cases.