Our Bespoke packaging solutions passed the required tests with flying colors

by Adam

In the video you can see the bespoke packaging solution we came up with for BigBox 3D printers, E3D our one of the UK leading 3D printer manufactures. You can see use passing both test with flying colours.

For more information on E3D and their products please follow the this link : 

This isn’t just through luck; it is through precision in house design and testing. This is backed up through our experienced sales/design team which is in place to consult and guide you throughout our working relationship.


The packaging in this video is a made to measure double wall box sealed with printed tape. Inside the pack there is a three part white polyethylene foam fittings, one die cut corrugated platform fitting, one die cut corrugated pad and finally covered in 100% biodegradable loose fill.This 7 part set stood up to the test   


 The video speaks volumes about are attention to detail. Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can benefit your operation.

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We are certified by BRC Global Standards for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging; the storage of stationery items destined for restaurant groups and the contract packing of singular factored ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs.

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