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We are going to give you a quick run-down on the stapling products available to buy through our online shop.

Hand Held Stapling Pliers – Heavy robust Stapling Pliers, ideal for general warehouse or office use.  These Hand held stapling pliers are used for stapling in excess of 20 sheets of paper, thicker card, corrugated boxes and even some plastics.  

Hand Tackers – Also known as Staple Guns are used for case lining, labelling or display work.  The staple gun is a fast and efficient tool used to drive staples through hard objects such as wood and plastics.

Staple Removers – Our staple remover will remove most staples easily from cardboard, wood or furniture.

Manual Carton Top Staplers – A Manual carton top stapler is a hand held stapler used for carton assembly and closing.  The staple depth can be adjusted to avoid damage to the packed items.

Pneumatic Carton Top Staplers – A pneumatic carton top stapler will effortlessly staple cartons with speed and efficiency.

Foot Treadle Operated Carton Bottom Stapler – This carton bottom stapler is a robust and durable stapler for stapling the bases of cartons and cardboard boxes before packing.

For more information on any of our products, please contact Packaging Supplies.

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