7 Cute Packaging Ideas for Shipping Clothes

Are you planning to send Christmas gifts across the country or do you run a small online shop selling clothing? If you want to stand out and make people feel special, then we’ve listed our top seven cute packaging ideas for shipping clothes to give you some creative inspiration.

If you already have a designer in place to create your packaging for you, then all you have to do is send that to us. Or if you would prefer us to do it for you, then we’re certainly able to create the designs for an additional fee.

1: Cute Packaging Ideas with a Theme

One of the ways you can package clothes for shipping in a creative and fun way that keeps the clothes protected in transit is by choosing a theme. For example, are you going to ship some children’s clothing and want something that will be full of bright colours and really fun for them to open? You could opt for a cupcake design t-shirt box that allows the t-shirt to be rolled up in the shape of the box — and prevents it from becoming creased.

Alternatively, if you’re getting something for an adult, then you could go with all sorts of themes for your gift boxes, such as their favourite brand of beer, a box that resembles a cup of coffee, a tub of popcorn, or even wine.

The possibilities are endless. Not only are these boxes fun to use for packaging, but because they’re personalised, they’re likely not going to get thrown out, so they could be used for other things, which is ultimately better for the environment.

Within our online shop, you’ll find plenty of cute shipping ideas to suit every need and budget, and if you’re looking for something more personalised, we can make this to order. For made to order packaging, a minimum order will apply.

From made to order, personalised rigid gift boxes, simple cardboard boxes, or even some sleek and elegant retail packaging, we’re happy to help you find whatever you need.

2: Roll Up

It’s becoming more popular among retailers to choose roll-up packaging when looking at cute packaging ideas for shipping clothes.

Not only does roll up packaging looks very cool and quirky, but it will save a lot of space. So, if you’re going to be shipping across the country or for longer distances, you won’t pay as much in shipping costs as with other types of packaging.

Roll up packaging is especially good for smaller clothing items, such as t-shirts and shorts, because they will fit nicely within the rounded shape of the box and will arrive without creases or wrinkles. You can easily personalise these boxes any way you like, and since they’re typically made of more durable cardboard, they’ll come in handy for storage.

3: Cute Shipping Ideas Full of Personality

If you’re giving a one-off gift or a selection of gifts to family and friends, then one of the best ways to go about personalising the packaging is to infuse it with something specific to their personality.

Do you own an online shop selling tennis merchandise? Then you could have gift boxes designed to reflect this so that when people are buying gifts for their loved ones, even the packaging reflects their personality.

No matter what the theme you’re looking to highlight with your packaging, taking the time to make something that stands out shows when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts.

4: Less Is More

The type of cute packaging ideas you come up with will always depend on the person you’re giving a gift to, and will also depend on the gift itself.

Sometimes, the less packing and extras you add, the better. If you’re getting someone a new designer shirt, the packaging should be sturdy enough to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit but also something more sleek and simple to reflect the minimalist style often used by high-end designers.

A simple cardboard box with a transparent front, for example, would be the ideal way to present a designer shirt.

H2: 5: Eco-Friendly Cute Packaging Ideas for Shipping Clothes

If you think packaging can either be eco-friendly or cute — but not both — then you’ll find lots of different types of cute shipping ideas within our online shop made from recycled materials that can be reused.

Whether it’s cardboard boxes for larger clothing items such as jackets, or sleek gift bags for things like underwear and pyjamas, you can easily be creative and conscious of the environment.

H2: 6: Back to Basics

To find cute packaging for clothes for shipping across the country, you don’t have to make things overly complicated.

Depending on what kinds of items you’re going to be shipping, you can still create effective and personalised packaging by simply going back to basics and opting for more retro themes like brown paper lunch bags.

You can then have things printed on them to make them personal, such as greetings, song lyrics, a poem, or anything else you think someone would like.

H2: 7: Functional and Creative Packaging Ideas

Something functional doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, some of the most creative and cute packaging ideas have managed to combine the two perfectly.

One of the best examples of this comes from a company that created small t-shirt boxes as packaging for shipping clothes that turn into hangers — so you can immediately have your new shirt hanging up.

That’s pretty fun and functional if you ask us.

No matter what kind of cute packaging ideas for shipping clothes you’d like to explore, get in touch with us today for a free custom quote and let us help you bring your vision to life.