Paper Packaging

Browse our very environmentally friendly products here for paper packaging in the form of corrugated rolls and kraft paper rolls which can be used for wrapping or filling void space within your boxes.  We also offer Paper Nuts and Tardis Paper which are both used to protect goods in transit from vibrations and help to reduce the migration of your packaged products.

Our standard sized layer pads are great for protecting the top of pallets or interleaving between packed goods.

Corrugated Paper Rolls

Corrugated paper rolls are an economical and lightweight packaging solution for wrapping and filling void box space. The single faced corrugated paper roll, enables the fluting to cushion and protect against impact damage and vibrations.

Corrugated paper rolls are bio-degradable and fully recyclable and are a good ‘green’ packaging solution.

Pure Kraft Rolls

Pure Kraft Rolls are a durable brown paper roll used for wrapping packages. Our pure kraft rolls are strong, presentable and tear resistant. The brown paper rolls are a high quality brown wrapping paper.

You will also find suitable counter roll holders for dispensing your pure kraft paper rolls in our packaging shop.

Tissue Paper

Another packaging solution for wrapping products. Acid free tissue paper and machine glazed tissue paper for wrapping delicate items, jewellery, clothes and shoes.

Layer Pads

Layer pads are another cost effective packaging solution for pallets. The layer pads will help to increase the load stability and in turn add extra protection to your palletised loads. The corrugated sheets of cardboard will separate pallet layers and increase load stability.

Almost any size of layer pad can be manufactured to your exact requirements.


EcoNutz are an incredibly ‘green’ packaging solution. The EcoNutz are recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable, biodegradable and sustainable from renewable resources.

EcoNutz are a quality void fill paper packaging solution used to minimise damage in transit. The EcoNutz have an interlocking design to increase shock absorption and cushioning.

Tardis Paper

As with the Paper Nuts above, our Tardis Paper packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

The Tardis Paper is a strong and cost effective void fill system which will help you to eradicate empty box space and protect your products in transit.