Protective Packaging

Find your packaging solution.

Loose fill, foam packaging, bubble wrap and bubble bags are just a small part of our protective packaging range. You will find something to protect your product and a packaging solution for you.

If you are seeking to protect your palletised loads, take a look at our Layer pads and corner protectors, as well as the pallet top sheets and pallet covers that we have available.

At Packaging Supplies we have a comprehensive range of protective packaging products available to buy from our packaging shop. We are also able to provide many other protective packaging solutions such as Instapak, Korrvu Packaging and all manner of custom foam packaging solutions by contacting our sales team.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of our key protective packaging solutions and therefore we stock an extensive bubble wrap range, all of our bubble wrap is supplied on a roll and can be cut and perforated at any length to wrap products and fill space.

The bubble wrap we stock for our in our protective packaging shop is the Aircap® bubble which offers a special air retention barrier, this in turn offers superior long term cushioning and is an excellent protective packaging choice.

With the selection of anti-static bubble rolls, bubble rolls that can be cut into many rolls widths and the special retention barrier, this type of protective packaging is a versatile choice that overcomes many packaging problems.

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are primarily used for adding an extra layer of protection around delicate or smaller items before they are packaged into their outer packaging, such as a cardboard box. You will find a large range of sizes available to buy in our protective packaging shop along with some anti-static protective bubble bag options.

Your items will be secured inside the protective bubble bag using the peel and seal closure strip. The air bubbles will cushion your products and help to prevent damages during transit.

Corrugated Paper Rolls

Corrugated paper is another popular protective packaging solution for wrapping and filling void box space. It is a single faced corrugated paper roll, which enables the fluting to cushion and protect against impact damage and vibrations.

Corrugated paper rolls are lightweight, bio-degradable and fully recyclable and therefore offer a great ‘green’ protective packaging solution.

Pure Kraft Rolls

Pure Kraft Rolls are a durable protective packaging solution for wrapping packages. The kraft rolls are a strong, presentable and tear resistant high quality brown paper which protects parcels for despatch.

You will also find suitable counter roll holders for dispensing your pure kraft paper rolls.

Tissue Paper

Another protective packaging solution for wrapping products. Tissue paper is usually used for wrapping delicate items that are then packed into boxes or bags.

As well as delicate items, tissue paper can be used to wrap jewellery, clothes and shoes.


Loosefill, also referred to as packing chips is used as a void fill. The loosefill will protect your packaged items against juddering and impact. The loosefill is a particularly effect packaging solution for irregular shaped items and will mould around your product within the box.

Pallet Covers

Pallet covers are supplied as sheets in boxes or for the larger user the pallet covers are supplied on the roll. Pallet covers are used in manufacturing organisations where there is a need to protect the contents of the pallet from the elements.

To go with our range of pallet covers we also supply the heat shrink guns needed to effectively seal your pallet covers.

Centre folded polythene sheets

This centre folded polythene sheeting offers a weatherproof and water resistant protective packaging. The centre folded sheeting is a continuous sheet on a roll enabling it to be cut to any size. The centre folded sheeting then opens out to double it’s size.

The centre folded polythene sheeting can be used for protecting pallets, floors and furniture as well as many other large items.

Layer Pads

Layer pads are another protective packaging product primarily used with pallets. The layer pads will help to increase the load stability and in turn add extra protection to your palletised loads. The corrugated sheets of cardboard are usually placed between layers or can be bent to use as additional corner protection.

Solid Board Edge Protectors

Another protective packaging product for corner protection is the solid board edge protectors. These corner protectors can be used for packing and protecting palletised goods and other large and bulky items.

The solid board edge protectors will not only protect the corners of your palletised loads but also add extra stability to the pallets to prevent movement or collapse.

The edge protectors are best stretch-wrapped into place which in turn adds another protective element to your loads.