Stock Managment


Our warehouse is your warehouse

We aim to form a bridge between our warehouse and yours, through our online order portal. With a range of services, we can alleviate the time you spend on stock management and ordering, improve your stock flow and free up your finances.

Local Stock Holding & Stock Management

Our main warehouse operation in Oxfordshire, is a dedicated warehouse facility, offering localised stock holding.  From this site we hold stock and offer a next day delivery option to all counties in the south of England up to and including Manchester, as well as all London postcodes.  We have an online order portal available for our clients, making stock management a less time consuming process.

Packaging Supplies aim is to give you the peace of mind that your stock is ready and available to you at any time, but without feeling the "squeeze" of having to keep it in your warehouse.   

We don’t invoice you upfront for the stock that we hold for you, we only charge as you use it.  This offers a huge advantage to your cash flow. 

Inventory Management

Our inventory management solution combines with our Just in time (JIT) Production/Delivery operation, the benefits of which are: 
  • Next day delivery of all standard or custom made packaging items 
  • The advantage of a better unit cost by ordering larger volumes without tying up your cash flow as you only pay for the stock as you use it
  • Less stock in your warehouse resulting in less space requirements for you 
  • This means you can increase your money and business generating production areas 
  • Avoid the worry of changes in your production requirements requiring more or less packaging 
  • Online access to stock levels and remote ordering system to save your staff time 
  • Goods invoiced on delivery, not on production, leading to better purchasing practices

Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) 

We monitor your stock movement and levels then, with your consent, we will keep stock levels above a threshold that both parties agree on. We will also repeat manufacture on agreed lines on your behalf according to your usage.  This means stock will always be available, even during your busiest production periods. 

The benefits of our VMI are: 

  • Less planning and ordering costs for you 
  • Eradicate the problem of running out of stock and costly downtime 
  • No lengthy lead times, improve your efficiency 
  • Free up space, resources and finance 
  • Our warehouses are designed in a way to ensure that all of your packaging is stocked and shipped in the best of condition

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Online Packaging Products for Sale

We have a wide range of products available to buy online at very competitive prices and rapid delivery.