Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double-wall cardboard boxes are made with two layers of fluting sandwiched together, making them double the thickness of our single-wall boxes. They’re super-strong and are perfect for packaging large, heavy items with ease. With great stacking capabilities and improved crush resistance, they’re an ideal eco-friendly packaging solution for all kinds of high-value products.

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Upgrade Your Shipments with Custom Packaging

Redefine your customer’s packaging experience with our bespoke packaging options, available in minimum order quantities of 500 units. For smaller order requirements, you can add a personalised touch with our branded paper tape, a cost-effective way to showcase your brand. Let your packaging speak volumes and boost your brand awareness today.

Learn More About Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Constructed using sustainably sourced materials, all of our corrugated cardboard boxes protect your products and the environment too. All of the double wall cardboard boxes in our online shop are made from at least 80% recycled materials, making them an awesome eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based packaging. 

Not only are they made from mostly recycled cardboard, but they’re also 100% recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable, giving you and your customers all of the eco-friendly options to dispose of or repurpose your packaging responsibly.

Boasting incredible strength and durability, you can have confidence in your shipments, safe in the knowledge that your products are well protected by the two layers of fluting that make our double wall cardboard boxes so robust. This design means that our boxes can stand up to punishment, and won’t easily be crushed, dented or ripped open, even under the most testing shipping conditions. 

How to Pack Double Wall Cardboard Boxes Effectively

Our double-wall cardboard boxes are easy to store, stack and use. Packable in under 30 seconds, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your dispatching service, getting your products to your valued customers even faster. Since delivery has become such a focus for all kinds of businesses, you can get the edge on your competition by offering even speedier shipments and giving your customers the service they deserve.

Looking for an eco-friendly way to secure your double wall boxes? Paper tape provides improved functionality over your everyday plastic-based tape and enhances the aesthetic of packages. It also means that your customers can easily recycle all of the packagings without removing the tape.

Paper-based void fill also offers a cost-effective solution for securing fragile or oddly shaped products. When used in conjunction with our durable double-wall boxes, you can give your products the most effective protection from the elements.

Ordering Your Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Why not take advantage of free delivery on all UK mainland orders and protect your parcels for less? Whether you’re stocking up for your next batch of shipments or testing out some brand new eco-friendly packaging products, we guarantee that your customers will love your new environmentally conscious direction. 

Interested in making your boxes go further? Why not go bespoke and give your packaging an upgrade? Become the envy of your rivals with a custom packaging design that will wow your customers and boost your brand awareness. Let your packaging do the marketing and revitalise your brand with the help of our friendly and experienced in-house design team.

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