Choosing the right Postal & Mailing items, Part 3

Last but not least we take a look at the polythene mailing

bag and the all important document enclosed wallets.

Mailing Bags

Polythene mailing bags are ideal for mail order companies and ebay

traders.  All of the mailing bags are

waterproof making them the ideal protection for goods in transit.  The peel and seal strip makes light work of

packing and being opaque the contents of the mailing bags remain undisclosed.

Packaging Supplies offer lightweight or glossy blue mailing bags in

our online shop.  The lightweight mailing

bags are a budget alternative to the glossy blue mailers, which are made using

a slightly higher micron.

Document Enclosed Wallets

Documents enclosed wallets are a basic essential for

securing documentation to the outside of your packages.  They can be used for enclosing paperwork like

invoices, delivery notes or packing slips.

Documents enclosed wallets are water resistant ensuring

there is no water damage to your documents in transit.  The will stick securely to a variety of

surfaces including polythene mailing bags, cardboard packaging and stretch