Instapak Foam Packaging Systems


Wide and varied range of protective packaging systems

Superior product protection against shock and vibration during the shipping and handling process, for products of almost any size, shape and weight.

Foam Packaging Systems:

Instapak® Foam-in-Place: An expanding foam cushioning that will encapsulate your product to provide instant cushioning, void fill or blocking and bracing properties.

Instapak® Moulded Cushions: Packing the same part or product time and time again? Our variety of molding equipment allows onsite manufacture of inconsistent sizes and shapes of product to be packed. This can be seen in the Instapak® Imold.

Continuous Foam Tubes: Use a sheet of continuous foam tubes to wrap your product in highly protective Instapak® foam, layer continuous foam tubes to create effective flat pads.

The unique cushioning abilities of Instapak allow you to pack your product using the minimum of material, reducing your package size and weight but without compromising product protection.

instapakInstapak® Simple™:

Introducing the Instapak Simple foam in bag packaging system. It is true to it’s name and is the easiest to use within the foam in bag range. This integrates the performance of the Instapak foam packaging with an on the demand delivery system that is very functional and easy to use.

Simply Superior Features:

What sets the Instapak® Simple systems apart from other Foam packaging Systems?

  • Powered through a standard electrical outlet
  • Pre-set push button operation
  • Small 9.5 litre containers, easily positioned into place
  • Low maintenance
  • Plug and Play
  • Compact, Mobile platform

Benefits of Instapak:

  • Versatile – suitable for packing a vast range of products
  • Just-In-Time – Foam is expanding on site ensuring the right amount of material is used each time
  • Product protection – Superior cushioning abilities
  • Space saving – Great for warehouse storage
  • Minimal training and maintenance
  • Minimal investment
Instapak Complete

Instapak® Complete

Instapak® Foam delivered from an efficient automated system

The Instapak Complete® creates continuous foam tubes and foam filled bags using a range of Instapak® high performance packaging foams that provide superior protection with minimal foam usage. A compact design, custom program and just in time accumulation makes Instpak® Complete System a perfect fit for any size of packaging operation.

Advance Instapak® CFT Technology

The Instapak Complete® System features a variety of new advancements that improve on our Instapak® CFT technology

  • Flow controlled dispensing allows the system to produce small diameter foam filled tubes, ranging from 2,5cm to 12.5cm.
  • Perforations can be programmed to suit individual needs and applications
  • User friendly touch key control panel allows operators to choose from 24 pre programmed CFT.

Wind it up and Let it Go

Our optional accumulator attachment feeds Instapak® material into a cushioned bin, where it can be batched for later use.


Instapak iMold®

Introducing the Instapak iMold®. An automated foam packaging system from Sealed Air. The Instapak iMold® system combines the superior protection of engineered Instapak® Foam packaging with the efficiency of automation normally reserved for high-volume operations. The iMold system significantly reduces labor and ensures that each cushion is consistently a perfect fit for your specific packaging needs.

Advanced Design for Unparalleled Quality & Versatility:

The iMold® is an incredibly easy to use Foam dispensing system that incorporates the latest patented technology. Utilizing Foam Dispersion Technology, the system strategically dispenses the foam throughout the bag, allowing the production of a wide variety of cushion designs. RFID technology automatically recognizes mold changeovers and loads the current cushion recipe, providing an error-free operation, while the easy-to-use touch-screen display minimizes step up.

Helping you create the perfect Mold

We can help you every step of the way, with full design, prototyping, testing and tolling capabilities to ensure a smooth implementation of the process.

Just-In-Time Production

The Instapak iMold® system has a small footprint, making it the perfect size for decentralized packaging environments.

As you can see these machines come in a large range of styles and sizes. Speak to one of our team today or use the form on the left.

The full range of available packing systems is varied and large. For more information speak to one of our friendly team today:

  • Instapak Complete®
  • SpeedyPacker®
  • Instapacker® Tabletop
  • Instapak® Quick RT
  • Instapak Quick Tuff RT®
  • Instapack® 901
  • Instapak® Simple
  • Instapack iMould®
  • Rapid Fill®

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