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Die Cut Boxes


Features include locking tabs, hinged lids & self-seal strips

Custom made die cut boxes offer many advantages; Cost savings can be achieved by a reduction in product damage. Cost reductions can be made on storage and shipping when your goods are packed into properly designed, well fitting boxes. You can also make reductions in material content when the outer package fits your product exactly.

What is a die cut box?   

A die cut box is a term given to any packaging box that requires a cutting tool or forme to be used during its manufacture.  Any box of an irregular shape, when opened out flat, will need a bespoke cutting forme thereby making it a ‘die cut box’. For a full list of the standard die cut styles available please take a look at our FEFCO style guide.  Any of the standard box styles can be modified and adjusted to make them bespoke to your product. 

A huge range of box fittings can also be stamped out using the die cut method. These can be as individual items or as a composite pack.

Many interesting features can be included with a die cut box, such as handles, holes, perforations, buffers, fold over lids and crash lock bases.

How is a die cut box made?

We first create a cutting tool, commonly known in the packaging industry as a forme. It is this forme that effectively stamps out the overall size, shape and style of your box. There is a one-off cost for creating this forme, often referred to as the initial tooling charge.

We always try to keep these forme costs to minimum, thereby helping you get your new packaging project into production as cost effectively as possible.

The picture below is an example of what the cutting forme looks like.

What materials can be die cut?

Almost any corrugated or cardboard material can be die cut. We can die-cut all types of single and double wall corrugated boxes, fittings, folding box board boxes, rigid boxes and acetate or PVC boxes.

Take out the start-up tooling costs

We have a stock range of the most popular styles of die cut boxes, in a number of different sizes. These can be purchased through our online shop. These have no initial tooling costs (the formes are already in existence) and enable us to offer you a cost-effective packaging solution.

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Die cutting mold

Our stock die cut product lines include:

  • Bread trays: Used by bakers and patisseries all over the country, made in corrugated they have the strength practicality and cost savings to replace plastic trays
  • Carry cases: Stand out from the crowd within the takeaway and food delivery industry with our stock lines of gable end carry boxes, available with two different styles of handle
  • Postal & Mailing Boxes: Our most popular stock range, suitable for a variety of small to medium products, perfect for online retailing and minimising delivery cost

Printed die cut boxes:

All our custom-made die cut boxes can be printed. Please refer to our print capabilities section for a full overview of what printing types we can offer.

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