Protective Packaging Solutions


We work with our customers to deliver the best protective packaging solutions.

With nearly 37 years in business we have delivered many packaging solutions in every aspect of protective or performance packaging. We have been so successful in this area due to our ability to offer a large range of products and materials that match our very broad range of custom packaging requirements.

Why choose Packaging Supplies Ltd for your protective packaging needs?

A constant improvement and importance in this area is our environmental responsibilities. All materials used for protective packaging are assessed and go through an environmental profile before we decide if the product is suitable to supply.

Working with such a large and varied range of industries, there is a good chance we have handled your industry or even your product. The knowledge from our highly trained sales team can be a valuable resource for you. Choose from a wide range of Packaging Materials and products - see our online shop or call us for information on the following:
  • Foams
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Protective Mailers: Mail Lite / Jiffy Mailers
  • Rocket
  • Instapak
  • Korrvu Packaging

Understanding Your Requirements - Design & Solutions

The success of our packaging solutions department stems from our investment and advances in design. Using the latest technology, we are able to provide the best solution for each product.  Custom packaging is our bread and butter, we will take the product, protect it correctly and supply the suitable custom box. 
  • Company assessment; product review, market & environmental wishes, quote
  • In house design; this is our headache, leave it to us
  • Testing and sampling     


With many Instapak Packaging Systems available, we can guide you to the right packaging solution for your business.  Instapak will securely mould around products of any size and shape offering the perfect, easy to use, protective packaging solution.

Korrvu Packaging

The Korrvu protective packaging is a versatile and strong method of protecting almost any shaped product.  This is protective packaging at it’s best, particularly for high value products.  With many Korrvu packaging solutions available, we can guide you to the right protective packaging for your operation.

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is particularly good at holding products in place within a box and can be highly presentable too.  Again with so many types of foam available, suitable for different shapes, sizes and weight of product, we can guide you to the best protective packaging solution for you.