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Korrvu® packaging is a versatile, strong and lightweight packaging solution. Which offers simple, fast and cost-effective brace and block protection to a wide range of items

Korrvu® packaging can be split into easy to use solutions. Korrvu® Retention, Korrvu Retention all-in-one, Korrvu Suspension,  Korrvu® Lok, and Korrvu Bottle Packs. These protective packaging techniques offer fast, effective, high-performance solutions that meet the packaging demands of a variety of products and packaging applications.

Korrvu® Packaging benefits include:

  • No Minimum orders
  • No Set up fees
  • No Machinery equipment required

This packaging solution, is all built in. A multi material project, that eliminates the need for additional void filling or wrap.

How does Korrvu® packaging work?

It uses a strong, highly resilient low-slip film, that engulfs the object holding it in place. Being held in the center of the box it is protected from shock and vibration.

The low-slip film, can be customised to each product. Even sharp products can be packaged, it is a very strong material.

The markets that we have supplied Korrvu®:

  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • E-commerce
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • General
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How does Korrvu® Suspension Work?

This product provides consistent protection for fragile products even after repeated drops, it works by suspending your product in the air space of the shipping container, away from impacts:

1. The Bottom frame is assembled and placed in the carton
2. The product is then put into the bottom frame, the top frame is now placed on top of the product sandwiching the product in the middle
3. The carton is sealed; this presses the two frames together, creating a tension, this tension secures the item firmly right in the middle of the box. Avoiding vibrations, knocks and shocks.

Korrvu® Retention & Korrvu® Retention Boxes

Korrvu® Retention packaging will hold your product securely within a frame to offer excellent protection, particularly for semi-rugged products. The Korrvu® packaging can then be placed directly inside your shipping box.

Korrvu® Retention will allow you to showcase your products with excellent visibility display.

Korrvu® Retention boxes create a simple and attractive solution by combining all the benefits of Korrvu® retention packaging within an innovative all in one box which is ready to ship. You won’t find a product easier to pack or as effective.

How to use Korrvu® Retention boxes:

1. Move the box around to loosen the film, then the product is placed between the film and the corrugated box
2. The side flaps are the folded tights so the product becomes trapped in the middle
3. The parcel is sealed with some tape if necessary and you are good to go

A great resource of this product is it’s reusability, if the product isn’t right the customer can get it back to you one piece!

How do Korrvu® Lok ™ Boxes Work?

This is a brand new solution that creates an attractive, 100% recyclable packaging that doesn’t just protect your product against damage and theft, but also showcases it. Great for creating a packaging experience to really drive brand awareness

How to use Korrvu ® Lok ™ Boxes

1. Tape the bottom side of the carton closed and turn over ready for packing
2. Take the separate frame with film on, remove the two tear strip and place onto the side flaps
3. Open up the hinge doors, place the product in side
4. Close box in normal steps, sealing the product

This product is completely recyclable, as you will be aware the majority of breakages happen when a customer isn’t happy with a product and they send it back. When using Korrvu® Lok™ packaging, the customer can return a product by re-using the packaging to protect the product in the same way.

Please get in touch to discuss which Korrvu ® packaging system is best suited to you and your products.

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