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Here at packaging supplies, we are experts at custom packaging solutions. The Majority of these solutions involve protecting fragile or bulky objects. Our mission is to provide cost effective solution, to achieve this we offer a wide range of materials that we convert; polypropylene sheets, expanded polystyrene foam packaging, polyethylene foams and flexible foams.

A large range of manufacturing techniques make this possible including Hot Wire Cutting, Band Knifing, Profile Cutting, Die Cutting, Slitting, Boring, Routing, Laminating, Heat Welding and Hot Melt Gluing.

Expanding Polystyrene Foam Packaging

Expanding Polystyrene is a very lightweight, low cost foam that is a very flexible product that can be used for a range of packaging solutions. As a product it is very versatile, which has led to it becoming a go to product for product protection. The shapes and sizes that it can be created in means it is suited to most markets and products.

For any company shipping or transporting fragile products, with the wide range of styles of foam grades at our disposable, we will have a composite packaging solution for your product.

If you are shipping products in cardboard packaging outer boxes, expanded polystyrene or polyethylene end caps are effective at providing support and creating an impact.

Polyethylene Foam Packaging

This is the ideal material for most of our foam packaging solutions; we produce custom made packaging using both cross-linked and non cross-linked foam in a large range of materials, colours, density and grades.

One of the reasons that this material is popular is due to the fact that these foams are recyclable and reusable. This is down to the product being closed cell foam that is made without the use of CFCs and HCFCs. Due to this and its flexibility it can be formed into any required shape making it our recommendation for high performance protection packaging.

Non Cross Linked Polyethene foams

Stratocell®, Stratocell® Plus, Cushion-Ply®, Cellu-Plank®, Ethafoam® and Jiffycell®

  • Density Ranging from 16kg/m3 to 150kg.m3 to suit your packaging requirements
  • Selection of both standard and antistatic grades
  • Materials that are flexible whatever your required packaging solution

Coss Linked Polyethylene Foams Plastazote®

  • Density Ranging from 18kg/m3 to 70 kg/m3
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Sampling in this product, makes our sales jobs very easy. It sells, it sells.
  • Great for point of sale and display packaging, very pleasing on the eye.
  • Only trouble is once customers see this product they will settle for nothing else

We can also provide custom made foam packaging solutions using closed cell crosslinked ethylene copolymers such as Evazote® and Supazote® foam up to 120kg/m³ in density.

Flexible Foams

This product can also be referred to as soft foams or polyurethane foams which can be formed into a large range of shapes, forms and fittings suitable to protect a wide range of products.

The flexible foams available, range in density from 13.5kg/m3 up to 220kg/m with a nominal hardness range from 658-85 N up to 950-1150 N thus allowing the selection of the most suitable material for the job on hand.

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