Moving, Shipping & Packing Boxes with Packaging Supplies


Couple packing their things on a cardboard box.

We have all been there, the dread with packing up and moving house. Is without doubt a very stressful and drawn out experience. However it is an experience sooner or later all of us have to undertake. Whether your company is moving office space or you’re our moving house.

This blog is designed to take the stress out of it all, going through all the protective solutions and shipping boxes that your need.


  1. Using right materials so nothing get broken
  2. Boxes at are easy to seal and assemble
  3. Packaging tape that actually works, Don’t worry we don’t use the cheap stuff!!
  4. Boxes that are stackable and heavy duty
  5. Some left over bubble wrap, so you can pop away to your hearts content!

Lets start with the boxes! Right with cardboard boxes there are a few things you need to know, the wavy bit in the middle is called fluting. You have single wall cardboard boxes, which have one layer of fluting. These boxes are perfect for lighter items compared for double wall cardboard boxes that are better for heavy items. Double wall cardboard boxes; differ by having two layers of fluting, hope we aren’t getting too technical.

Single Wall Cardboard boxes: We stock a total of 30 different single wall boxes.

Double Wall Cardboard boxes: We stock a total of 15 double wall, all of our boxes come at different price break with bulk discount so you will find the moving box for you.

Protecting your Products is a vital aspect when moving house:

Bubble Wrap: It isn’t just fun to play with, it plays it part. We use the very best when It comes to Bubble Wrap, we sell it in different size rolls.

Fragile Tape: You will need a good packaging tape to seal the boxes in transit, why not get a tape with fragile on it. To make sure whoever is handling them dues it with care.

There are some more advance product for moving that are used in the packaging world on a daily basis, so please feel free to browse our online shop to find what you are looking for.