Create memorable product packaging

For any e-commerce company, one of the few

direct points of contact with the customer is through the outer shipping

packaging. In recent times where consumers have various platforms to review and

discuss every aspect of your service, the reinforcing of your brand through

packaging has never been more important. It still seems to be a marketing tool

that is under utilized.

The rise of e-commerce packaging is all down

to the protection of the product that the consumer purchases. The customer is

king, thus getting the product they ordered to them in perfect condition is

essential. Like everything else e-commerce has evolved, seeing the increase of

the brand experience going past the relying on the product but the

incorporating of the whole experience.


do you get your customer attention, creating a branded packaging experience?

In a basic sense, through the selection of the right shipping and

packaging materials based around the idea of protection and presenting your


When customers are in a shop there are so

many points of which touch point can be used to reinforce your brand, take

Abercrombie for example using the fragrance within the shop .While it may be

nauseating to some it is done for a reason. The only touch point an e-commerce

merchant has an access to is through packaging, so you have to get it right and

stand out from your competition.


is creating this branded experience so important?

Of course some packaging companies are

going to encourage you to go bespoke when it comes to purchasing packaging,

which can Increasing the cost with artwork, tooling and print stereo charges is

there a benefit to these additional costs?

Branding has the purpose of customers

returning time and time again, but also helping to market potential new

customers. A recent study in America undertaken by Dotcom distribution revealed

that 52 percent of customers are more

likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that have premium packaging.

The same study, by Dotcom discovered that

nearly 4 in 10 customers would discuss and share their experience if they deem

the packaging to be unique.


can you’re packaging be unique?


Box: The most important point for online

retailers is the shipping box, in the packaging world it is called an outer

shipper. White or brown corrugated cardboard boxes, have dominated the material

selection due to being sturdy, cost effective and getting the job done. Boxes

can be made around your product and can have particular branding and features

on it.


Tissue paper: Having your products

individually wrapped, gives an air of secrecy to your product, companies

looking to impress can use printed tissue.


Void fill: Tradition void fill can be

Kraft paper, foam insets, bubble wrap and air pillow. Bubble wrap has it

purpose but cannot give a desired effect. In recent time, crinkled paper and

colored Kraft paper have become popular.


Stickers: This is a cheap way, if you are

using plain tissue a sticker used to seal wrappers together can reinforce

branding. It also can be used as a cheaper option to getting your outer box



Tape: Unless you box is a self-sealing

like a postal box. You will need tape to seal it up, why not reinforce seal it

and reinforce it with branded tape. The purpose of this isn’t purely just

atheistic; it acts as a tamper proof seal.