The Unboxing Experience

The Unboxing


Packaging is becoming a lot more than just a means to keep

your products safe during transit. Creating a lasting impression with the

unboxing experience, is an important marketing tool and is becoming increasingly

popular across many sectors.

The mobile phone market is a good example of this. They have

really utilised the power of packaging, and over the years we have seen an

increase in design complexity, as well as the overall quality and finish.

Why is the Unboxing

Experience so important?

For ecommerce companies, the first physical point of contact

you make with your customer is when the package arrives with them.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to give a

good first impression of your brand or product, and a positive lasting

impression, through well designed and well-presented packaging.

A co-founder of Innocent Smoothies commented at a business

funding show that he believed Packaging is the most important aspect of

marketing, particularly for a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods range.  He has been quoted saying I think realistically, for most FMCG products,

the packaging is more important than the product. It is how you get noticed and

create desire, inputting what you stand for®.

How does the Unboxing

Experience Work?

In a nutshell, it’s all about adding perceived value to your

product.  When a customer receives their

goods in packaging that gives a sense of quality, they feel its good value for

money, it makes people happy and keen to tell their friends, often through

social media. 

A study by dotcom distribution revealed that 1 in 10 young

adults will share a photo of an online order, if the packaging stood out to

them, and you only have to look at YouTube to see the numerous videos showing

personal unboxing experiences.

The same study by dotcom, proved that a customer is more

likely to make repeat purchases from a provider they deem to have premium


How can I improve my

packaging quality and design?

If you would like to improve your customer’s unboxing

experience, through quality product packaging and good quality printing, please

get in touch with us.

We can guide you on the packaging materials and print

process that most suits your individual requirements.