Stock Packaging


Cost Effective Packaging Solutions

We provide everything from custom or contract packing services to a wide range of packaging boxes and materials. Most of our customers require a considered solution to their packaging needs, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Standard Box Sizes (Stock Boxes)

Stock Boxes is a big part of what we do, we feel by having a large range we can offer the necessary variety that customers require. A large part of our stock boxes range is made up of our single wall & double wall cardboard boxes. Whether your using these boxes for packing, shipping or moving we have the cardboard stock boxes for you.

We also have a selection of Die cut boxes that are part of our stock box range. Normally packaging like this requires tooling, we have invested in this which enables us to offer a large range of Postal boxes, Bakery Cardboard Trays, Take out carry cases and Book Boxes all in standard box sizes.

Packaging Supplies Stock boxes range in quality from 125kt and go up to 200kt and with variations of B, C, EB and BC fluting. Depending on the strength required from the stock box.

Stock boxes are just a small part of what we do, below you will see all the other packaging materials and products we supply this is all part of our Stock Packaging range.

Our range of stock boxes and stock packaging includes: