Create Business Identity with Brand Packaging Solutions

flora & curl

Developing brand identity can be a significant factor in achieving business success.

Establishing a style and tone of voice customers can support and engage with helps to build a personal connection with your audience. In turn, this results in benefits like increased brand loyalty, a rise in consumer interest, a higher perception of product quality, and crucial differentiation between your brand and competitor’s businesses.

When it comes to building and sharing brand identity, businesses often look to very obvious routes like a logo and uniform design, branded advertising and social media marketing. However, the key to successfully creating an identity for your business is not just in pin-pointing a few key areas and pushing your persona aggressively. Instead, the creation of a successful brand is all about producing a product that permeates your whole business, from the clothes you wear to the packaging you use.

The Role of Brand Packaging Solutions in Forming Identity

It might seem innocuous, but your product packaging and delivery boxes can say a lot about your company.

Think about major suppliers like Amazon. Their brand packaging solutions are very uniform, neat and functional. It represents their brand identity exceptionally well — a business that is fast, efficient with absolutely no frills. By contrast, think about another big commercial entity, Cadbury. Their packaging is world-renowned for its fluorescent purple that is big, bold and impossible to ignore. It says, look at me; you can’t take your eyes off me; you can’t resist me.

The right kind of brand packaging solutions can be a powerful tool in creating identity. It can help to convey a message about who you are, what you are about and why somebody should be interested in what you offer, without ever having to say a word.

You’ll find sophisticated brands like Louis Vuitton use very understated and subtle packaging to showcase their effortless style and quality. Budget-retailer Asda, on the other hand, is all about bright colours and big statements that tell you everything you need to know.

Every interaction you have with a customer is a chance to sell your business, which means it is a chance you should be taking full advantage of. The use of brand packaging solutions enables you to produce items that convey identity and market your business — capitalising on an opportunity you could miss without it.

Tips for Using Brand Packaging Solutions to Create Your Business Identity

Since brand packaging solutions can provide so many important benefits when it comes to developing a business identity, you must get things right. So when it comes to producing your packaging, what should you be thinking about?

  • Carefully Consider What Message You Want to Convey

What your brand packaging solutions say about your business is very important. Get the message wrong and you can confuse customers and your message. An audit of your branding can help you understand what kind of information you want your brand packaging solutions to share.

  • Thinking about the Way You Use Brand Packaging Solutions

As an example, when you have a product that is natural and made with healthy non-toxic ingredients, there’s a high chance that natural products and sustainability are also important to your clients. Perhaps this what attracted them to your company in the first place. In this circumstance, you’d want to use sustainable packaging supplies to meet expectations.

  • Work with a Professional Supplier and Designer

The last thing you want is for your brand packaging solutions to be of poor quality and design. Your packaging should be both appealing, robust and put together by a professional supplier.

Packaging Supplies are expert providers of bespoke packaging solutions for businesses. Work with us to create your ideal brand packaging solutions and market your business the right way today!

An Example of Brand Packaging Solutions in Action

At Packaging Supplies, we’ve worked with countless brands since we went into business in 1981. There are lots of examples we could give to show you how to successfully integrate brand packaging solutions into your business. But one that sticks out is our recent work with hair care specialists Flora and Curl.

Flora & Curl's bespoke brand packaging from Packaging Supplies Ltd.

When working with Flora & Curl, it was clear their packaging needed to reflect not only the vibrancy of their brand but also their eco-friendly ethos. As they believe in the importance of sustainability and wanted eco-friendly packaging, they decided minimal, biodegradable, recyclable or reusable brand packaging solutions were required.

Choosing a corrugated cardboard postal box was the perfect option. Due to its recycled content, recyclability and biodegradable properties, corrugated cardboard ensured no part of the packaging was harmful to the environment.

The box design chosen by our client has an unassuming and minimalistic appearance on the outside. Through printing on the inside, they have cleverly managed to make the brand connection and enhance the customer experience. The addition of water-based, non-toxic inks, coloured with vegetable pigments also maintained the eco-friendly nature of the product.

When the package is opened, the customer is immediately greeted with a burst of colour, instantly recognisable as the Flora & Curl brand. Additional messages printed underneath the products are used to communicate further. A ‘thank you & enjoy’ was featured and a reminder that the packaging is recyclable/biodegradable — these messages underpinned the client’s all so important eco-friendly ethos. Using print this way helps to strengthen brand identity and the emotional connection made with customers.