Kellogg’s Joyb packaging

We produced this study corrugated pack, designed to be used

as a sales tool, to promote Kellogg’s new JoybÌÎA_l range of smoothie bowls.

With the Ì´ÌÕdeskfastingÌ´ÌÒ habit already representing 12% of

breakfast occasions and the target audience of urban millennials set to be

worth 75% of all packaged food by 2025, Kellogg is on the right track to take

advantage of both the trend and the long-term predicted behaviours of busy on

the go consumers.

The bold and eye-catching colours used in the branding of

the JoybÌÎA_l were screen printed both inside

and out, onto this made to measure, corrugated box and divider set to produce a

good quality yet visually appealing pack.

So why was Screen Printing the perfect partner for this job?

Our client was looking for a relatively low production run

to trial, but they didn’t want to compromise on the print quality, it was

important to reflect the brands vibrant colour scheme through its

packaging.  Because silk screen printing

is a slower production process to say litho printing, it was a more efficient

process to use than some of the other methods at our disposal and therefore

offered the best price to achieve the desired quality.  A box like this can also be digitally printed

for excellent results but on this occasion, the blank size was too large for

that to be an option.

As you can see from the image, silk screen

printing was the perfect partner for producing the high- quality imagery and

accurate colours required for this particular job. Did you know you can also

silk screen print 4 colours process with or without specials?

Packaging Tip;

For the best finish when screen printing onto

corrugated, a clay coated board will be used, this will allow for a smoother

more even surface to print to. Our team can guide you to the correct

combinations of material and print.