Stack of eco-friendly cardboard boxes.

Eco-friendly attitudes are on the rise. More and more of your customers are becoming aware of their environmental impact and are taking steps to reduce their personal effect on our planet. From the death of plastic straws to an increased demand for sustainable consumer goods, environmentalism is leading to major changes in many commercial industries.

While it may sound like eco-friendly attitudes could cause problems for brands, this new evolution of consumers can prove highly advantageous for your company. Customers are more likely to pay higher prices for products if they know they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Brands that demonstrate their commitment to saving our planet are also looked at much more favourably by the public.

In the modern era, there are many opportunities available for brands that allow them to support more environmentally-friendly practices. One straightforward yet highly effective method of reducing your impact is by considering sustainable packaging ideas. Replacing plastics and composite materials with cardboard boxes is easy, yet can dramatically change your status amongst the environmentally-conscious community. But how do sustainable packaging ideas like cardboard boxes help your brand?

Recycled Materials

When you choose the right supplier, you can source your cardboard boxes from completely sustainable sources. At Packaging Supplies, our cardboard is made from 80% recycled materials and 20% wood pulp from sustainable forest sources. By investing in the right places, and opting for the right sustainable packaging ideas, your business can accurately claim its packaging is supportive of good environmental practices — a quality many of your customers are looking for.

Sustainable Disposal

Not only can your business source sustainable packaging ideas through investment in cardboard, but it also increases the chance of environmentally-friendly disposal as well. A lot of your packaging is likely to be consumed by your customers and removed from your control. But the wide-spread recycling of cardboard ensures much of the packaging you put out into the world will be disposed of properly. Even when using other sustainable packaging ideas, there is a lot of confusion amongst the public about what can and can’t be recycled, often resulting in improper disposal. This issue does not apply to cardboard, as it is renowned for its recyclable qualities.

Environmentally-Friendly Design Options

Unlike many other materials, cardboard is very adaptable to different types of printing designs. When it comes to sustainable packaging ideas, this gives the product an edge. Through the process of flexography, your brand can use environmentally-friendly water-based ink to add text, logos and images to your cardboard boxes. This process ensures quality design without creating packaging that damages the environment and ensures the product remains recyclable.

Customised Solutions for Reduced Wastage

Cardboard boxes are flexible by nature. Not just in terms of physical attributes, but also their ability to be adapted to fit your product. Boxes are easy to customise and you can perfectly adapt them to your product’s size and shape. The result is little wastage in terms of resources used, and even less so when it comes to unnecessary space. This whole process negates the need to add extra protective packaging, such as bubble wrap or packing chips, cutting down on landfill waste produced by your company. Another great benefit to consider when looking for sustainable packaging ideas.

Conform to Government Requirements

Companies that produce a large amount of packaging waste will need to follow government regulations. There is a lot of information surrounding the production of large quantities of packaging. But in short, the government requires you to reduce wastage and improve the recyclability of your packaging wherever possible. These requirements may be what has led you to seek out sustainable packaging ideas in the first place. Cardboard boxes can help you achieve these goals. To find out if the rules apply to you, please click here.

Are you on the hunt for sustainable packaging ideas? Do you think cardboard boxes could be the solution you’ve been looking for? If you would like a quotation on bespoke cardboard packaging — whether it be cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, cardboard dividers or fittings, postal boxes or cardboard trays — don’t hesitate to get in touch with our packaging supplies experts.