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Custom Die Cut Boxes

Unlock the Potential of Your Packaging Boxes

Need a bespoke packaging solution that won’t let you down? Discover the many advantages custom die cut boxes have to offer. Our sturdy boxes offer ample protection for your products, giving you peace of mind when shipping your goods and reducing the number of damaged deliveries. Well-designed packaging can also help you save on packaging costs; our efficiently produced packaging doesn’t use excess materials, helping you to save money while preserving the planet’s resources.

What Are Custom Die Cut Packaging Boxes?

“Die-cut” boxes are any packaging boxes that require a bespoke cutting tool to be used during the manufacturing process. This unique method of packaging production allows us to create irregular shaped boxes for your products. If you like the look of our standard box styles, we can modify and adjust these designs to suit your needs.

A huge range of additional box fittings can be created using the die cut method too, including a variety of interesting features like handles, locking-tabs, self-seal strips, perforations, fold-over lids and crash-lock bases.

How Are Die Cut Packaging Boxes Made?

We first create a cutting tool, commonly known in the packaging industry as a “forme”. It’s this forme that stamps out the overall size, shape and style of your box. There’s a one-off cost for creating this forme, often referred to as the “initial tooling charge”. We keep these forme costs to minimum, helping you get your new packaging project into production efficiently.

What Materials Can Be Used to Make Custom Die Cut Boxes?

Almost any corrugated or cardboard material can be die cut, giving you plenty of options for a bespoke eco-friendly packaging solution. We can die cut all types of single-wall and double-wall corrugated boxes, Folding Box Board (FBB) boxes and rigid boxes, meaning you can create bread trays, gable boxes and postal boxes for all kinds of products.

Standard Die Cut Cardboard Boxes

If you’re on a budget, you can eliminate the start-up tooling costs with our range of standard die cut boxes, available in a number of different sizes and popular styles. These can be purchased via our online shop and have no other associated costs, enabling us to offer you a cost-effective packaging solution in no time at all.

Are you ready to create a custom packaging solution your customers will love? Packaging Supplies’ expert design team can help you create your custom die cut box using your existing designs or generate brand new ideas for your business.

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